View Full Version : Leaving forever

Mr. Bas
04-05-2007, 14:36:07
In two days, I'll be off to Portugal for a week. Woohoo! :beer:

04-05-2007, 15:23:35
Gone at last

Lurker the Second
04-05-2007, 16:46:03
Portugal would be cool if it weren't in a foreign country.

04-05-2007, 20:15:43
On the other side it's not the netherlands

04-05-2007, 20:20:46

Mr. Bas
14-05-2007, 16:36:08
Back now. Summary: great weather, cheap beer and two days of free beer at a brilliant festival in Coimbra, cute girls, good food, shitloads of dodgy Portuguese drug pushers, lack of sleep, overall great time, no pics yet.

15-05-2007, 08:11:01
Great place Coimbra, uni town full of students, good nitelife
if you only can overcome the shock of turning a corner and facing a 10ft tall statue of Wojtila