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NASA gunman kills hostage, self

Apr 20, 2007 09:31 PM
Associated Press

HOUSTON–A NASA contract worker armed with a handgun barricaded himself inside an office building at the Johnson Space Center today and fatally shot a hostage before killing himself. A second hostage escaped with minor injuries.

The gunman was able to take a snub-nosed revolver past NASA security and barricade himself in the building, which houses communications and tracking systems for the space shuttle.

NASA spokesman Doug Peterson said the agency would review its security.

"Any organization would take a good, hard look at the kind of review process we have with people," Peterson said.

To enter the facility, workers flash an ID badge as they drive past a security guard. The badge allows workers access to designated buildings.

The slain hostage, a man who was shot in the chest, was probably killed "in the early minutes of the whole ordeal," police Capt. Dwayne Ready said.

A second hostage, a woman, escaped after being bound to a chair with duct tape.

The gunman, an employee of Jacobs Engineering of Pasadena, Calif., shot himself once in the head more than three hours after the standoff began, police said. Initial reports indicated two shots were fired at about 1:40 p.m. and another shot was heard about 5 p.m.

None of the people involved was immediately identified.

During the confrontation, NASA employees in the building were evacuated and others were ordered to remain in their offices for several hours. Roads within the 650-hectare complex were also blocked off, and a nearby middle school kept its teachers and students inside as classes ended.

Doors to Mission Control were locked as standard procedure.

NASA employees were kept informed of the situation by e-mail.

Jacobs Engineering provides engineering for the international space station, space shuttle and other space programs, and conducts research and development for new technology. In 2005, the company received a five-year contract with the space centre worth up to $1.15 billion (U.S.).

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"Up until recently, he's been a good employee," he said.

Dyl Ulenspiegel
21-04-2007, 08:45:53
As he didn't attack people with longwinded diatribes, it can't have been darkstar.

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Darkstar would have left a 400 page rambling manifesto explaining that someone burnt his toast this morning and so therefor he had to take hostages and kill random people.

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Actually, Darkstar works in Huntsville, Alabama ... sooo, he is crazy but not that killer crazy. :)

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eat shit homo!

22-04-2007, 05:00:09
Yeah Darkstar!

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Darkstar is so annoying, he still should eat shit.

22-04-2007, 09:37:26
But that earlier comment was menat for oldwarrior.

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