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20-04-2007, 14:41:16
I want to start a sock factory, so I can go there and announce every morning, "Grab your cocks, it's time to make socks!"

20-04-2007, 14:44:14
You like to sock cocks, don't you

20-04-2007, 14:57:18
Not really, no.

20-04-2007, 15:00:45
Like the red hot chilli peppers

C.G.B. Spender
20-04-2007, 15:27:12
This thread socks

20-04-2007, 15:32:48
Originally posted by SuperCitizen
I want to start a sock factory, so I can go there and announce every morning, "Grab your cocks, it's time to make socks!"

Socks to be you!

20-04-2007, 15:38:41
The Chinese make socks so cheaply there is no money in socks. Therefor you must be in it for love; ergo you must love sock cocks. ;)

20-04-2007, 15:46:53
ergo, there's only dirty cocksucking displayed by other posters than me.

I was only saying, that I'd like to SAY that to a thousand people every morning for no other reason than it rhymes and because I can since it's my factory.

It has a ring to it, it's not like "Squeeze your tits, it's time to build ships!".. I mean that just doesn't have any edge. It's got to be a sock factory.

It is not totally unlike Janus with big anus who bought a cactus so he could ram it in his rectum. Now, I realize cactus and rectum aren't the perfect match, you're a dirty cocksucker and there is no catch.

20-04-2007, 15:48:44
Also, Tits Doesn't Rhyme With Ships.

"Plug Up Your Asses And Make Some Molasses", Maybe?

20-04-2007, 15:52:41
Maybe it does the way super citizen pronounces them?

Jon Miller

20-04-2007, 15:52:42
Hmm, that's fairly decent. How about a factory that makes molasses and sock?

20-04-2007, 15:53:17
Just singular?

Jon Miller

20-04-2007, 15:54:11
I know you'd rather see multiple socks.

20-04-2007, 15:57:53
I am get more love than you.

Jon miller

20-04-2007, 16:03:39
I've heard of multi socks, but i've never had it.

20-04-2007, 16:05:10
JM, That's a nice Freudian from you. And it isn't even true, I figure you are bad at masturbating even. When you take a piss, you pee on your balls, that's how bad you are with your penis, and the day you'll realize rub and tug isn't about wearing tight jeans and no underwear, it's the day when you can post again about a new sexual frontier.

20-04-2007, 16:12:00
Play with your balls, it's time to knit shawls!

Uncover your vagina, it's time to make china!

20-04-2007, 16:13:20
Nice! Now we're in business!

20-04-2007, 18:17:32
Focking socks!

20-04-2007, 21:52:55
The more the merrier!

Jon Miller