View Full Version : Happy Birthday Soren Jockstrap FIRAXIS

28-03-2007, 12:35:02

It's about time some recognition was given to all the AE's that have never posted.

28-03-2007, 15:06:25
i wish i had the pitybot password

28-03-2007, 15:19:59
Last Post: Never

29-03-2007, 11:08:01

Skanky Burns
30-03-2007, 15:11:15
An AE that knew when to quit. :beer:

Soren Jockstrap FIRAXIS
02-04-2007, 13:07:55

Thanks all. Actually, I have been really busy here at FIRAXIS. We have a great new game in the last stages of testing and ready to roll for you:

Sid Meier's Snakes & Ladders

This takes the traditional snakes and ladders concept and moves it into the 21st Century by adding Sid Meier's name to it. Here is just a small list of the features:

- a number of default snake skins and ladder styles which are user customisable
- advanced rules to combat infinite snake sprawl
- infinite range ladders

02-04-2007, 13:13:23
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