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Resource Consumer
19-03-2007, 14:08:36
I am intending to take Mrs RC II to New York on our wedding anniversary. Now, strange as it may seem after all my usual globetrotting, I know absolutely bugger all about New York.

Now, I have found a hotel on Central Park West. So, questions:

1) Is this an OK area?
2) How is it for location with things to do (and for Mrs RC II that is probably shopping)?

All advice greatly appreciated.

19-03-2007, 14:26:57
Lurker knows!!!

Mr. Bas
19-03-2007, 14:32:59
I think that's the same as the Upper West Side, which is where I stayed when I was in NY. I was at 83rd street, close to Columbus Avenue... The area is fine, although the best places to go shopping or whatever you intend to do are further south in Manhattan. I did almost everything by subway without any problems, moving by cab works fine as well but is obviously more expensive. All in all, a great city, I'm sure you'll have a good time there. :beer:

Lurker the Second
19-03-2007, 14:33:53
RC, that is a good area. I'm assuming you aren't way up Central Park, but instead somewhere near the 60s. The park is nice during warm days. You aren't terribly far from upscale shops on 5th Avenue (just pick it up at the south end of Central Park and start walking south). You are close to the Museum of Natural History, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art is on the east side of Central Park -- not too long a walk. Two of the best restaurants in the country are at Columbus Circle, which is the southwest corner of Central park. Might have trouble getting reservations, though, and you might be glad of that anyway as fricking expensive as they are.

There are plenty of bars on the west side, although I am not as familiar with them as the ones on the east side and downtown.

Obviously there is also a lot to do that you will need to take a subway or cab for, but that's not a big deal either.

When will you be there (weather sucks right now)?

19-03-2007, 14:38:43
RC speaking only as a tourist who walked half of manhattan last year, that sounds like a fine location. basically most of the interesting stuff will be to the south and east, but all walkable or as lurker says a little subway or cab ride away.

i found manhattan super walkable, but i would heartily recommend a good tourist guidebook/map thing for navigation and to get the best from your time there, even with the no-doubt excellent advice you will get here :D

Resource Consumer
19-03-2007, 14:40:35
Thanks all - much appreciated.

The hotel is at 465 Central Park West. We'll be there the first week in May.

Lurker the Second
19-03-2007, 14:56:16
Hmm, that's way the hell up. I am not sure of that area, but I don't think you will want to spend much time there. There won't be much you will want to walk to from there, either.

Resource Consumer
20-03-2007, 09:41:20
Thanks Lurker, K_G.

How about this one :

lower Manhattan off the Bowery Street at 341 Broome Street

Gramercy Riffs
20-03-2007, 10:10:06
That sounds LES territory, best part of town.

Lots to do round there, its pretty 'gritty' in places, especially round Bowery and Delancey. Near Chinatown too.

Basically, the first place you mentioned is a kind of Elton John NY, the second is more Grandmaster Flash NY. Depends what you're after I suppose.

Mr. Bas
20-03-2007, 10:12:50
The location looks great, quite close to Chinatown and Little Italy which are well worth a visit IMO. Also, many other interesting parts of Manhattan seem to be well within walking distance, and you can just use the subway or cab to get to anywhere else. If location is the most important factor, i'd go for this one instead.

20-03-2007, 11:52:35
Don't let Funko tell you where to go. He'll get you lost and you'll have to walk twice as far with an injured calf and your leg will hurt for the next 5 days because of it.

20-03-2007, 15:39:26

20-03-2007, 16:20:04
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20-03-2007, 16:42:04
At the end of that walk there was no cider.

We very nearly had a reduced number of posters.

20-03-2007, 16:57:50
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20-03-2007, 17:03:53
No bru in NY either.

20-03-2007, 17:08:17
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Lurker the Second
20-03-2007, 18:20:16
I think you found plenty of alternatives. :)

RC: I think your second location is preferable to the first, but it's still not in an area where you are likely to find much else to do within walking distance apart from perhaps Little Italy and Chinatown. I'd want to scout out the hotel, too, b/c I suspect you can get a mixed bag of quality in that area.

Try this site for some ideas: LINK (http://deals.hotels.com/SeoSearchSmallMap.do;SESSID=clH-Tgc0EEba;SESSID=clH-Tgc0EEba;SESSID=clH-Tgc0EEba?city=New%20york&country=New%20york&pageNumber=1&attribute=Washington%20square&cityName=New%20york&pageType=4)

Resource Consumer
21-03-2007, 11:14:29
Lurker et. al.

many thanks. I shall go off and research.

Ta all.

Resource Consumer
29-03-2007, 10:22:57
Back again. Switch of plans a bit. How does this area sound?

located on Queens Boulevard, approximately 15 minutes from midtown Manhattan. Conveniently located across the street is the public bus to midtown or there is the Subway service situated 3 blocks from the hotel at the Grand Avenue Station. Guests will be able to walk to Macys and the Queens Center Mall as well as the recently opened Queens Place Target Mall.

Mr. Bas
29-03-2007, 12:12:42
The previous place sounded better, at least location wise. Right now, you'd still have to go by subway or cab to anywhere in Manhattan, while some nice parts of Manhattan (IMO) were definitely quite walkable from the Bowery street hotel. But you'd probably be better off listening to the bum, he's a local.

29-03-2007, 13:55:26
If you aren't fixated on being in Manhattan proper, then Jersey City is a good option. I always recommend that location to out of towners. Great view of Manhattan from just across the river. One subway stop from Manhattan, access to downtown and mid-town, reasonable room rates in decent hotels (Marriott, Hilton, et al.), etc. Funko, Tizzy, Venom, KH, SB, Oerdin stayed there for the NYC meet. Maybe they can comment on the location from a visitor's perspective. Unfortunately, I don't know much about Queens, except that it is on the other side of Manhattan.

Resource Consumer
29-03-2007, 14:25:44
Thanks very much all :)

29-03-2007, 14:50:26
We stayed here:


When we were looking it was cheaper than central prices, it's literally next to the PATH station, which runs all night and takes about 5 mins to manhattan, maybe 15 mins to central manhattan and we had an awesome view of manhattan skyline from our window. (you'll probably get the other side of the hotel).