View Full Version : Hi Counterglow Cru, I haff arrived

26-11-2001, 14:00:32
This is my first post on counterglow, as many people know i say alot of things and do fewer, but now i have done this. Be aware sirs, i'm reading youuuu!

curt nods to MikeH and Noisy and special thanks to RC for incurring my name thrice.

26-11-2001, 14:40:23
Qweeg, Qweeg, Qweeg...

Wonder what will happen?

Hey anyway, nice to see you here.

26-11-2001, 14:43:34
thanks MikeH, and also a curt nod to jsorense and Venom, hey... you think i should have started this thread in the main-bit where talk of Jar-Jar Binks is possible?

26-11-2001, 14:49:43
Very welcome to you.

26-11-2001, 14:56:22
Qweeg. It's your first day. You're just a little lost.

26-11-2001, 15:39:20
Originally posted by Qweeg
thanks MikeH, and also a curt nod to jsorense and Venom, hey... you think i should have started this thread in the main-bit where talk of Jar-Jar Binks is possible?

Only if you wanted people to read it. :D

26-11-2001, 16:35:56
I was actually wondering why you were not posting here yesterday - welcome

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26-11-2001, 21:05:51
This is a man that likes Jar-Jar?:eek:

26-11-2001, 21:40:30
hey qweeg I sent an email to your yahoo account.. but I think it bounced!!

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26-11-2001, 21:44:05
It's because he likes Jar-Jar:D

Yahoo has taste.:eek:

27-11-2001, 13:32:52
No RC, like every other normal person on the planet i hate Jar Jar and All that Jar Jar hold dear, but "Talk about Jar Jar" seems to be the standard required possible subject of any self respecting forum with "random" and "chat" in the name.

Hey Aredhan, hey Nav, thats what you say about that $50,000 cheque you were supposed to send me, i did that thing you asked, the guy sleeps with da fishes even as i write this, now pay up!

27-11-2001, 14:08:29
Suuuurrre... Hello Mike, Hello RC, Hello Noisy... nods to JSorense and to Venom.... and blows off the old guy. :-P~~~~~~~~

Well.... hello to you , anyway. :)

27-11-2001, 18:55:13
Howdy, stranger. (and there's none so strange as Qweeg)

28-11-2001, 09:52:26
Hi Qweeg*

* now Mike can explain why he thought I was you :D

28-11-2001, 13:48:00
Hey Oh-Dub! i'm sorry, i just didn't realise this place was so damn popular, actually when RC said come over i thought it would just be him and Spender talking about their latest noises that they made and have burnt onto CDs with LoudMedicine written on them in black marker pen, (thats what it looked like first time i dropped by anyway) and i assumed all the greenest grass must still be growing back at ACOL. Now i see all the green has moved here, as proofed by the presance of Guy and of course your esteemed self.


28-11-2001, 13:56:06
I'm green? Damn, and all this time I've been passing myself off as teal.

28-11-2001, 14:27:18
I'm grass? Don't smoke me!

29-11-2001, 13:40:48
>loud cruel laughter< Ahaha! come here grass! Ahahaha! where's my lighter! Ahahaha! >grabs Mike by neck and attempts to set fire to his hair whilst attempting to lift Mike up to inhale on Mikes feet<
You know i don't think this whole MikeH is a joint thing is gonna work.

30-11-2001, 10:25:08

30-11-2001, 10:32:18
Hello Qweeg! Hello Guy! Hey There, Old Warrior! Greetings!

Wow... so this place might actually get used? What a concept!

30-11-2001, 11:48:09

30-11-2001, 13:00:44
I think it will. I've got some extra time coming up with the holidays and a few ideas I'd like to work on that should make it to these pages. Being "part-owner" helps the motivation some, as well.;)

Oh, and hello to you as well, Darkstar!

30-11-2001, 14:23:47
i've been working on something Guy (hi by the way) I don't know what it is exactly, but i'll probably post it on here over the weekend.

feel free to criticise it and tell me i'll never amount to anything if you want. i don't care.

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03-12-2001, 01:24:57
weekend has come

weekend has gone

da queeg man, he not shown.


03-12-2001, 08:29:03
Well, I've got a story over at FFZ to post on. Mike put the forum up for me, so I feel like I should at least use it once and a while... eventually, I'll need to come up with some extra sub plots and complications, but for now, I'm in the beginning of shaping the story, and know my overall plot.

But I keep doing silly things like eating supper, sleeping, and checking up on forums instead. Silly me. ;)

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03-12-2001, 16:44:21
Qweeg, you'll never amount to anything unless you learn to post more.

04-12-2001, 13:07:10
Noted RC, i really should pay my damn phone-bill;)
I meant to post what i'd written, but in addition to tinkering with it so far i also plain forgot:rolleyes:

It will be posted imminently, there's a couple of things i'm considering changing- and the thing does'nt actually end so to speak coz its not designed as a short story so it just... er- stops.

05-12-2001, 21:20:42
Just like your posts? :coolgrin:

07-12-2001, 13:40:57
:cool: just like.