View Full Version : The Hold Steady

Lazarus and the Gimp
07-03-2007, 21:54:31
Part Replacements, part E-street Band, part Husker Du. Totally brilliant.

Lazarus and the Gimp
28-07-2007, 13:58:17
I'm bumping this, because anyone who hasn't heard their albums really should. They're all great.

The Hold Steady have been hitting the UK festival circuit hard, so I'm hoping some more of you tossers might have heard them by now.

28-07-2007, 14:04:18
How much do they pay you?

Lazarus and the Gimp
28-07-2007, 15:06:22
A fortune, in the currency of great songs.

30-07-2007, 09:49:00
I've been meaning to get their albums for a while, just been too busy and poor.