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30-04-2002, 11:09:39

Don't know if everyone's seen this yet but it's very good. Especially for newbies.

I'm looking forward to v 1.08 a lot as well (they are skipping 1.07)

30-04-2002, 13:00:48
Very good for someone just getting started, though I disagree with some of his advice. Everyone's got to find their own style of playing, though.

30-04-2002, 13:03:19
Yes, I think that would be enough to get you going but then you need to think about how you want to play. I seem to be trying something new every game at the moment.

30-04-2002, 13:20:08
Same here, though I seem to have settled into a set team whenever I play marines now.

Marines I experiment with tactics, Mechs I experiment with unit mixes thus far.

I'd like to try some "concept" games (all grunts, or all grenadiers, or something like that) just for fun. I did that on the tutorial a few times, and it can lead to some neat ideas on new tactics.

30-04-2002, 13:47:25
Shiny narrowly beat me in our second game with 10 snipers on Forest. That was an interesting game.

I'm about the same I think. Marines I started off going for 3 commanders, 3 medics, 2 grenadiers and 2 snipers. Nowadays I'm going for 2 commanders and 2 medics a couple of grunts, and a mixture of snipers and grenadiers depending on the map. I experiment a lot more with tactics than force structure. Starting to occasionally pick an HQ as well.

Mechs I rarely pick similar forces. Depends a lot more on the particular map.

30-04-2002, 16:17:18
I haven't used a commander since my first game. In my eyes, they're just too expensive for the little bit of armor advantage they provide. I'd rather do grenadier/sniper and grunt teams than use a commander. My last few marine games, I used a mixture of grenadiers and snipers with 1 medic, 1 HQ, and the rest grunts. Gives me a good amount of firepower and a large volume of teams without investing too much in any one unit. I need to try trading some grunts for medics to see how that goes, but this setup has worked on most maps I've tried it on. With grenade heavy forces, HQ's become very necessary.

Mech's I haven't played too much yet, but the force I used against Shining was two missile tanks with almost the entire balance being hunters, which worked well. I took a lot of early losses, but once I had the hunters into his line, they proved very good at being able to inflict damage without getting hit. Trick was to get them in close so that he couldn't use grenades on them. In close quarters, an exterminator rush can be deadly as they can soak up a lot of hits and keep coming.

30-04-2002, 22:44:17
Commanders can shoot through walls, they survive long enough to be healed (I always team them with a medic) and they can kill most marine units with one shot. They are less useful against Mechs.

01-05-2002, 09:12:13

Guy, a truckload of Marines will hardly touch an A.I or missile tank even if you get unobstructed fire for several rounds. The armour and HPs are just too high.

01-05-2002, 12:49:14
Sure they will, it may take some time, but a couple of well placed (and mobile) marine teams will wear down an AI or tank pretty handily. Especially if you've got some snipers continuously plunking at them from long distances. You can't engage at point blank or expect to resolve it in one turn, but with creative use of cover and a lot of move/shoot commands, it's not that hard to do. Plus, the point expense of AIs and tanks means that you won't have much else to worry about while you're pounding on them.

Yeah, commanders have their uses, but so far, I've just preferred to have that extra sniper/grenadier/grunt team. Maybe I need to experiment some more.

01-05-2002, 14:49:55
You'd find that your snipers in that scenario would be doing nearly all the damage ultimately. Marines will run out of ammo before they seriously damage an A.I (half their shots will miss, the other half will do between 0 and 2 damage, most likely 0).

Any good mech players knows that you'd rather not face Grunts and commanders purely with your A.Is, but Grunts are somewhat inconsquential in numbers of less than 3, while a couple of Commanders can literally kill an A.I in a single turn.

01-05-2002, 14:52:49
What are you doing up at 5am!!!

01-05-2002, 14:55:41
It's only 3AM.

01-05-2002, 14:59:44
Oh OK. I thought you were 13 hours ahead not 11.

02-05-2002, 05:28:31
Daylight savings and all, I guess.