View Full Version : Most annoying CD/record ever

26-11-2001, 13:42:12
I thought that my White Blood Cells CD was the most horrible CD in existence, being completely white. I've been proven wrong, though, by my recent purchase of Spiritualized's Let It Come Down.

It's gold. On both sides. It took me several minutes to figure out which side is up and which is down- there is tiny, tiny transparent writing around the inner rim to indicate it. Otherwise both sides look exactly the same.

Can anyone top that for annoying?

26-11-2001, 13:51:15
it would be more annoying if neither side actually played any music :D

One of my Galliano cds is very annoying - it's begun to rust. The final track doesn't play to the end now due to the corrosion and it's getting worse. One of my Brand New Heavies cds is also doing the same. Fortunately I managed to get copies of both cds burned to CD-R, but it's pretty poor.

Resource Consumer
26-11-2001, 21:25:28
Who remembers the old Tomorrow's World reports about the new wonderful CD where they would spread jam on them and play them.

Christ, my CD player detects my fingerprints better than the National Police Computer.

26-11-2001, 22:31:12
Funky, it's accepted practice with CD's not to store them in water! :D

C.G.B. Spender
26-11-2001, 22:38:53
I got the same problem with a Neil Young CD. Rust never Sleeps

27-11-2001, 12:45:04
Apparently it's to do with the sulphur content of the paper/card that is used for the CD sleeve. If there's too much sulphur, it reacts with the plastic substrate and then causes the reflective layer to oxidise. Nice.

There are some record companies that will replace rusting cds, but most don't. :mad: