View Full Version : Jesus Christ!

08-02-2007, 05:26:50
We caught a production of Jesus Christ Superstar last weekend. Some of the singers were very good, like the actors playing Mary, Simon and Pilate.

The only dubious ones were an understudy Judas and a Caiaphas who was forcing his voice down unnaturally to sound more like the Caiaphas in the movie.

The guy they picked for Jesus had a voice with an uncanny resemblance to the Jesus in the movie. After coming home I checked the program more closely. It WAS the guy from the movie. This guy, Ted Neely, has been playing Jesus Christ since 1973. And if Sunday's performance was any indication doing a great job of it. Check out the play if you can - I think it is touring all over North America with fairly brief stops in each city.

Wonder if Mr. Neely writes "Jesus Christ" as his occupation on his tax form.