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06-02-2007, 21:58:59
Am currently defending jerusalem form about a million timurids

My defenders have repulsed three atempts to storm the walls but I'm down to about 500 men against the best part of 4000.

The nearest friendly army is the garrison at acre and it is almost ready to march but it has no leader but even if it did how the hell do you defeat 4000 men in a field battle when 90% have bows and horses?

Cant spear wall them as they will simply shoot me to death, could try and shoot back but they are too mobile, cant cavalry charge as my knights will never catch them.

Cant resupply jerusalem cos of the number of enemy armies...

Current plan is to defend jerusalem to the last man, then try and hold them at the citadel at acre which is much more prepared (has 8 units of yeoman longbows + 8 units of heavy infantry).

06-02-2007, 23:22:52
First of all - are you playing with the 20 unit per army limit?

Well, basically you can forget about Jerusalem - there are very low chances of you holding it. However, you can still let it go with a bang. If you have any "stake" archers, remember to put stakes in front of the walls, ESPECIALLY in front of the gates, ESPECIALLY if they have no artillery.

Other than that, IF they don't have an artillery (and the Timurids usually do), you can only sit and prey their siege equipment will burn up.

Regardless of what happens - cannon/ballista towers for the win (in the city, and in the citadel). There is an AI glitch, which you may or may not want to use: if you sally out, stay inside the walls, but have the cannon towers "occupied", the comp will happily wait until your cannons utterly slaughter his army.

Regardless, but at least the ballista towers in Acre (but don't forget to apply a fix for city towers, they don't always work correctly unfortunately).

Speaking of Acre, two things:
1. Do yourself a favor and recruit more units while you still can :D. Spear/longbow combo FTW (don't forget to use stakes!). Also, include at least one unit of cavalry in your defending army, in order to chase down routing units, and for "fast response".
2. Use the citadel defense structure to your advantage. When defending, keep only a minimal force in the first ring, only to man the wall towers, BEHIND the walls (NOT ON the walls), and only until it is evident that the first line will be breached. Simultaneously deploy the majority of your archers on the second walls (don't forget to deploy stakes first). Once the first line of walls is close to being taken over, fall the aforementioned "tower skeleton crew" back to the second line - and better do it quickly than slowly - the gates of the second walls will be open when you do that. Now, pause the game, and analyze the situation. Further defense is analogous, so you'll know what to do :).

07-02-2007, 08:55:14
yeah, Jerusalem is probably lost. Make him pay by resisting, but taking out the Timurids takes time and ressources.
Defend a castle as LoD says. If a city, stay outside of arrow range if you can (save for one or two archer units to man the tower gate and slow down their advance), defend not on the wall but in the narrow streets (that will limit the number of untis who can shoot at you, of course with the hypothesis that he has a big archer superiority as seems to be the case). Try to have units in all streets to sandwich him when you can.

If your desperate to keep Jerusalemen, put your Acre rescue army adjacent to the siege (even on the other side of the sieged city): when the battle will come up, your rescuing army will appear on the map, and you can rush them in the city by another gate, or harass the enemy army (better have cavalery though, inf and archers will have to cover a lot of ground before reaching the walls).

General tips: Use extensively assassins against their generals. Use javelot units (if you have any of them) against their elephants (artilery as a second option). Do not engage them in open battles but in siege. But you're going to loose a lot of forces before you grind them out, be prepared to that. Let others do the dirty work and come back a few years later.

07-02-2007, 09:32:44
...and what maroule said. Grind them down on defending siege attacks, THEN attack.

07-02-2007, 18:56:01
right, I didn't know you could deploy stakes in cities - that will be usefull. I managed to kill a lot of his infantry in the two failed attempts so blocking a lot of streets with stakes and retreating to the square might cause a lot of cavalry casualties before he gets me.

Acre is pretty muched maxed out on walls and the garrison has a hell of a lot of archers so he wont take that without a lot of problems.

As for defending the inner rings does the AI not just come along the outer walls and bypass the gates? I always do that.

Towers only fire when there is a unit in it? I didn't realise that - amazing all the little changes.

I have a mortar battery in jerusalem which has been keeping hte elephants at bay - they are also very good at knocking out incoming rams.

07-02-2007, 20:21:31
Originally posted by Beta1
As for defending the inner rings does the AI not just come along the outer walls and bypass the gates? I always do that.

Never happened to me. You can't get to the innermost ring like that anyway.

Towers only fire when there is a unit in it? I didn't realise that - amazing all the little changes.

Not in it, beside it. If there's a flag on top of the tower, that tower is active. Otherwise, it's not.

07-02-2007, 22:29:02
Destroy everything in the town you can, destroyt he hell out of the walls on yoru own if you can, then fight to the death.

He can exterm a city with no improvements, or face a city which he gets no money etc from due to no improvements and will probably rebel.

07-02-2007, 22:37:01
well in the end I killed about 250 on the last assault. He then took the city which promptly rebelled. Theres still about 6 stacks of troops wandering around but they dont seem to be heading for acre.

Hopefully I can nip back in again and recapture the city.