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Immortal Wombat
31-01-2007, 17:36:00
The St. Andrews face research group used to just a single crappy applet which you could use to make yourself look old, or black or a chimpanzee, and it didn't work very well. Now there is a new site (here (http://www.faceresearch.org/tech/demos)) which allows you to do all kinds of funky things, and actually seems to work reasonably well.

Anyway, the reason it became popular recently is because it turns out that if you average a whole bunch of faces, the algorithm will average out all the ugly, and the result will be a perfectly symmetric face of angelic beauty. I say angelic, because the face is usually inhumanly featureless.


So then I thought, hang on, if it makes ugly people look angelic but featureless, then if I put in pictures of me, maybe it can make a picture which matches my mental image of me, rather than the filthbeast that I see in the mirror.


So then, because it's on the internet, and therefore corrupts absolutely, I decided to make an average of the above two pictures, the averaged girls, and the averaged mes.


It's pretty hot, as androgeny goes.

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01-02-2007, 09:45:22
Julia Roberts!

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Lurker the Second
01-02-2007, 15:29:59
I can't decide now who needs a hobby more, mr.G or IW.

01-02-2007, 15:32:04
what IW needs is surgical facial reconstruction.

i'm not sure if that counts as a hobby.

01-02-2007, 15:36:39
Is this IW annoucing that he's having a sex change operation?

Resource Consumer
01-02-2007, 15:39:10