View Full Version : Greek monks fight with fire extinguishers, crowbars

Lazarus and the Gimp
21-12-2006, 16:47:46

21-12-2006, 17:04:52
Something about the phrase Rebel Monks just instantly conjures up images of Jet Li and Jacki Chan

factor in the fighting with the fire extinguishers and the crowbars and i've got a full-on Double Dragon thing going on in my head

Dyl Ulenspiegel
21-12-2006, 17:23:25
Ah, the good old time of late antiquity, when in clashes between rival christian factions, usually led by some crazy desert monks, tens of thousands died in the cirties of the Levante....

27-12-2006, 13:15:51
Dyl, link please!

27-12-2006, 16:48:29
Monks gone wild.

27-12-2006, 17:35:06

Brilliant story.

Remember kids, religion is bad, m'kay?

Frozen Frog
27-12-2006, 18:42:53
Religious wars are cool.

Dyl Ulenspiegel
27-12-2006, 18:51:14
Originally posted by Drekkus
Dyl, link please!


Same in eg Syria.

27-12-2006, 22:24:56
Originally posted by Frozen Frog
Religious wars are cool.

Which is about every war except for the capitalist pig-dog vs commie bastid ones?

28-12-2006, 11:38:39
Originally posted by Dyl Ulenspiegel

Same in eg Syria. Ah, thanks. Nice reading on a slow, broing work day.

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
28-12-2006, 21:12:39
:bounce: Broing! :bounce:

The Mad Monk
30-12-2006, 04:27:16