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18-12-2006, 16:39:06
Well I finally had a weekend and a little time in after Wed to play so I picked it up.

I played a tiny bit with it in beta but didn't get into the meat of it.

Bad things

1- No fucking prima guide. The big map and comprehensive spell/skill listings are absolutely needed for guild wars. I hate scrolling pages and pages of websites.

Good things

1- Heroes can join your party.

Basicly, as you progress through the game you befriend NPCs who you gain control over. They come with a base class but you choose everything else, equipment, secondary class, spells, skill points. Plus they get access to any spell you have unlocked on your account. This means you can conrol what the party NPCs are doing, casting, etc. They have an AI but you can override it. It also allows you to create AI builds that are never seen in the older game. The game can actualy handle things like being a minion master, buffing support, etc. For the new campaign my core group is a R/P (me), a W/mo, a Mo/beatmaster R. and a D/Earth elem.

2- Tighter economy.

If you get a hero, you have to equip him, buy him spells, etc. While not a huge difference, it does suck quite a bit of the excess crap money out of the market.

3- PVP for people who hate grouping with random people.

You can now pvp in arenas without a guild and without being teamed with random people. The Hero Arenas only allow teams of 4 with one player and 3 heroes.

4- More complex PVP

With 2 expansions out and all the additions to the skill lists the possibilities are insane. I played a team last night and there were no builds I had ever seen played before in the arena on the opposing team. They killed us.

5- More traps etc in the world.

There are lots of triggered traps now. Timed traps, flame walls, etc.


If you make every hero a half ranger you can make an ARMY OF FLAMINGOS!!!

My party only uses 2 normally, but one is DIRE FLAMINGO!!!

There is more, but I want to poop and take a shower.

Anyone playing?

18-12-2006, 16:41:57
I have thought about it, but am sort of waiting to see if Fugue picks it up.

Playing WoW and EVE is currently taking up all my time.


18-12-2006, 19:00:11
Oh I forgot.

7- More itemization.

All stats on items are now linked to an add on. You can also use expert salvage kits to take apart items. So before if you had a poisonous recurve bow of fortitude with 3 additional stats you could only destroy it and get one of the 5 bonus pieces. Now you can pick what to salvage and there is a chance of destroying it each time. So you may be able to salvage all 5 things. The same goes with armour bonuses, so you don't have to wear an ugly outfit because the stats are good. Break it up and enchant a new outfit. They also added confirmation boxes for all enchanting and salvage so you can see what you can get and what you will make before you ruin your items.

18-12-2006, 21:21:59
Sounds like good progress. =)

19-12-2006, 02:28:01
I'm still playing. I finished NF on my monk and my ritualist.

8- Dye Preview

You can see how your armor will look and mix dyes on it without have to use the dye itself. Just choose the dyes you want to put on an armor and the screen will show you what it will look like. Then click accept to keep it. Also, there are 3 new dye colors (white-which has become a little cheaper than black, brown-meh, gray-this is the new default and replaces dye remover, so it's always 50g to buy. When mixed it dulls the original color, which is useful on some armors that dye oddly.).

Winterfest is starting on the 20th. With it should come a new storage option and maybe a new way to form parties across districts, which is great for me because I like the districts with less people (less lag and spam). Plus, all the snowball fights, candycanes, and other holiday themed items and activities you have the time and patience for.

19-12-2006, 03:06:07
MOre storage than the materials storage they added? Cool.

21-12-2006, 05:10:55
Looks like an auction system, party search function, and new outfits/hats etc just hit along with all the holiday events.

Not sure what else. I kicked ass at the snowball fights though.

23-12-2006, 22:00:20
I hate the snowball fights. No one on my teams collects the presents and I've been playing my rit in it, which shouldn't be collecting. I wish they would let you pick your own teams on it.

24-12-2006, 17:38:07
Why shouldn't your rit be collecting?

In snowball fights, every player has the same skills, same armour, same health, and same everything except costume.

Plus there are lots of people who don't to know to collect since there isn't a decent explaination. I was halfway through my first one before I realized "hmm, I killed 6 of them and our score is only 2.... wait, what the fuck are these "presents?"

24-12-2006, 19:57:53
Each class has a unique skill. Warriors and monks are the best for collecting. Eles are great for defending them. Rits can lay down Jack Frosts for support. Jack Frost and the interruption hex can pretty much nullify an opponent. Plus, they often waste time attacking them. Necros have a decent, but situational skill. However, they have to kill themselves to use it. Sins are useless. Rangers, meh. I'm not too sure what the others do. I agree, everyone should collect when they can. Good teams often have someone a second person to pick up the present when you drop it to keep the run going.

I actually got on some good teams yesterday and finally won a few. But oh I got on some bad ones. In one team, an opponent ran into our base. So two guys chased him and wasted their time trying to attack him, which they failed to do.

I've found attacking to be a general waste of time, unless attacking/defending a runner. Of course, I have Jack Frosts to do that. I usually keep a hidden rock ready. Then body block someone with a present, knock them down and take it. Often they don't even realize they've lost it and keep trying to run it. Of course, without team support, it's really hard to keep it.

24-12-2006, 20:53:43
Ah, I didn't realize that each class got one special since I had only used my necro.

The necro one is useless in all the other games. You suicide and anyone around you gets -15 degen.

Easy way to farm balthazar points though. Earlier I just spent my time running up to anyone with the present and detonating myself.

What build do you use on your rit? I started one yesterday for something different, and also to unlock rit skills for my heroes. Hit lvl 12 and have it set up as Rit/E. My overall plan was to do rit/earth or rit/par and be group support.

I tore my way to the docks and am picking up a few heroes now.

25-12-2006, 02:01:34
In NF I primarily used a type of spirit spammer. Pain, Bloodsong, Shadowsong, and Dissonance. An Elite energy management skill, but I forget what it's called (gain energy for each nearby spirit). You could probably do just as well with Boon of Creation. Then Mend Body & Soul for heal. And a channelling skills for some extra offense (or Lightbringer skill), and finally rez.

In Factions, I mostly used a common channeling build that played off of one spirit like Life or Destruction. But I haven't finished Factions with my Rit yet.

Occasionally, I used a restoration build in PUGs that didn't have a 2nd monk.

I don't use the 2nd class that much. Only mes when doing FoW for extra energy. When I started, I used a sin 2nd so I could jump around and blow up spirits around people. You can also be a minion master with a Rit since your minions are affected by spawning power and any skill that says summoned creatures in it.

You can't get the Rit hero until you've finished NF. And then it's really hard, or so people say. I haven't tried it yet.

25-12-2006, 02:45:10
I have rit secondary heros.

The AI actually does pretty well managing rits so I made one of my monks a Mo/Rit for variety.

I did some elite runs earlier in nightfall. Picked up 9 ranger and elementalist spells. Although I am just using barrage barrage barrage. The ele spell that attunes you to all 4 elements at once is nice though. It is going on my heroes if I don't use the new AE fire spell.

Oh and barrage with the paragon shout/chant/whatever it is that causes "next attack causes burning" = sick.

27-12-2006, 17:34:48
Hey Fishbroth,

Any way to get across the ocean from kamadam on a new character? Or do you have to run the 3 storyline missions first?

27-12-2006, 21:00:44
I think you have to finish the Consulate Docks mission first. Then there should be NPCs in Kamadan or on the docks to give you quests to Cantha and Tyria.

If you mean just get to the Mainland, then yes, you need to run through the missions. However, there maybe a way of getting to the Consulate Docks mission early by being ferried by someone who has it. I think people do this to get the max armor there. Haven't tried it though.

27-12-2006, 21:26:28
I checked. There is a way. There is also a reason people cahrge 1-5k for a ferry.

You ahve to redo the mission that opens the docks and then not speak to the final reward NPC. Then you get a group of people and speak to the last guy and he sends the whole group.

So you have to do a whole mission for every group you want to post over.

Oh, and btw.

You have a 20 monk
I have a 20 necro

Maybe we should set up a 55mo/13SSN FOW duo sometime. Although getting my necro to 13hp would be a challenge.

27-12-2006, 23:39:06
Well I tried out a 55 SS necro. Did 4 hydra runs and 1 mino run.

Made about 10plat in cash, 2 golds worth probably around another 10+ plat. Although I may just use them on my war since its an axe and sheild.

28-12-2006, 22:46:15
I'm pretty sure that you can't 55 FoW. Also, if it's 2 man UW, then the necro needn't be 13, since it's primary responsbility is casting ss and AV/SV on the monk. However, the 55 necro can solo the UW.

FoW uses a few solo builds, Rits and Rangers mostly, to farm specific areas, like the Forest and Beach. There are 3-5 man teams. Some all trappers, other include monks. For FoW, I usually just join a full group of 8 and try to clear the whole place. I usually bring my Rit, which makes finding a group a little difficult, since most people don't realize how useful they can be there. Battery necros are popular in groups.

04-01-2007, 03:20:54
Are Warriors still useful? =)

04-01-2007, 12:01:22
I think warriors are much less invincable than before because of some of the skills added and the two new classes have things that can really fuck up the invincitanks that some people played.

05-01-2007, 19:41:22
I've pretty much gotten the hang of Rt/Me farming in the UW. The only real problem is that the drops in the UW are terrible lately. I'm lucky to get one ecto a run. Golds are just as rare as are keys. Although, getting a good one can turn around the farm. I got an Icy stormbow that I was able to sell for 35k. What I do like about the Rt/Me build is that it is more survivable than the 55 builds. It can't kill Aatxes though. So I'm thinking about creating a hero that can do it for me.

However, I've been having more luck farming in Vabbi. I once got 3 keys in one run. While there aren't ectos, there are rubies and saphires. Though they need to be salvaged from weapons, but those weapons (and weapons with the highly salvagable inscription) drop a lot more frequently than ectos. The one thing I do like about farming in Elona is that I can salvage inscriptions.