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06-12-2006, 11:30:16
Here's where you can put your reviews of LWP X - if you haven't listened yet and want to approach the tracks with an open mind then grab the files and listen before reading this

Resource Consumer
06-12-2006, 16:27:19
No. 1 has to be Tizzy or Funko (the disputed one) and the other one then has to be no. 7 :)

No. 2 wtf - no idea:)

No. 3 I really liked. Do not know who it is (was out of the country then and was a bit pre-the wired world) and I think this was Eklekti. There's something of Blur in this and it mentions 1993.

no. 4 A bit country although not my scene. Scabby.

No 5. Weird German or Dutch rap (I have an ear infection so am almost deaf - normally, I could do slightly better). This was difficult although not terribly unpleasant - Mr Bas, I think.

No. 6. I can guess. Mr G.

No 7. See number 2. And the longest track submitted too.

06-12-2006, 16:58:43
It's funny how many "comedy" songs there are on this.

1. This is from South Park isn't it? "thank you mr hand" sounds like Mr Garrison. Musically reminds me of LWP favourite Logan Whitehurst. By process of elimination I guess it's Tizzy?

2. The crowd find this a lot funnier than I do, it's not too bad though, mildly amusing and very relaxing. The elevator ding is good. RC.

3. [Mine]

4. This is quite good for country. Very sombre. With guesses I had this one and #1 as Tizzy and Scabby, had to go with this for Scabby and 1 for Tizzy.

5. This is potentially quite good hip-hop. Technically quite good, interesting production but I don't know how good the lyrics are and they are very important. I guess it's dutch as they mention André Hazes. If there wasn't the terrible dutch ballad at song 6 which must have come from MrG's bad dutch music CD (or his good dutch music CD) I'd assume this was him. As it isn't, Mr Bas!

6. La la la, la la see 5 for my comments!

7. I wonder which song could be Counterglow's biggest metal fan Eklektikos's? Considering how slow this is and how ponderous this kind of metal can be, this is actually pretty decent. It could do with being a few mins shorter though!

06-12-2006, 17:24:54
Originally posted by Funko

3. [Mine]


Resource Consumer
10-12-2006, 19:54:14
Surprised about that myself - who the hell is it?

Resource Consumer
10-12-2006, 20:22:51
Originally posted by Funko
2. The crowd find this a lot funnier than I do, it's not too bad though, mildly amusing and very relaxing. The elevator ding is good. RC.

Good call. It allows me to put a little perspective. When I was a kid my family didn't have a whole pile of money. So Woolworths was an essential part of Christmas. Besides, it is all about ordinary people (not elves, gnomes or orcs) so this seemed very appropriate for a Christmas song.

Besides - I seriously love her accent. :D

pop pop pop

11-12-2006, 08:58:18
Isn't christmas about elves gnomes and orks?!

Resource Consumer
11-12-2006, 12:44:54
you forgot the reindeer

Mr. Bas
14-12-2006, 18:38:15
1. Great! Mr. Garrison I think, from South Park. Nice lightweight song and much funnier than some of the other 'comedy' tracks. Tizzy?

2. Overlong intro, decent song, although I don't think I'll listen to this again very often.

3. This is nice. A bit MOR, but overall enjoyable indie-ish music. Far better than some of the monstrosities later on...

4. Pfff, I wish you all wouldn't stick to the theme so rigorously. I find this a bit boring, and I'm getting sick and tired of songs mentioning christmas all the time. I'll hear enough of those in the upcoming weeks I'm afraid. An elimination process leads me to Scabby for this. I seriously doubt it actually, but I've got all other songs covered.

5. Mine. I'll post comments later on, but coincidentally, it mentions two of the artists featured here: South Park and Andre Hazes.

6. Andre Hazes - eenzame kerst. Wat een bagger. At his best, Hazes is great to shout along to (een vriend, de vlieger) while drinking beer, but this is completely crap. It's not catchy, the lyrics are pathetic (duh, it's Andre Hazes), there's nothing at all to like.

7. This must be Eklektikos' track. It's okay, some kind of semi-doom metal christmas carol. Without tortured screaming. I would've guessed something in the direction of Sunn O))) or Old Man Gloom otherwise. Enjoyable, maybe a bit too long, but after Andre Hazes this is a good breath of fresh air.

15-12-2006, 10:22:46
I knew I'd forgotten to do something....

1. Everyone's already guessed it's mine and correctly identified it as South Park ("Mr Hankey's Christmas Classics"). The funniest Christmas song I've heard, which is why I chose it.

2. I quite liked this although not so much the first time I listened to it, a bit of a grower. I figured Scabby for this, mainly due to RC's misdirection (explained later).

3. Funko's. This is the one which was almost submitted twice, it was the first track that came to mind when I read the original thread.

4. I had this down as Eklektikos by process of elimination. I had no comment about it first time I listened but on another hearing: nice bouncy little song, musically anyway.

5. I figured this to be Bas. Not really to my taste, very atmospheric but dragged on too long with not enough interesting bits.

6. Very obviously mrG. Not much else to say really, it's ok but I probably won't listen to it again.

7. I figured this for RC, mainly because he assured us all we'd hate his submission. Too long (I actually wrote down "make it stop!") and doesn't say "Christmas" to me at all.

I also scribbled down notes about the bonus tracks so you may as well have them too:

8. This is more like it, a bit bouncy, vaguely familiar too although I can't quite put my finger on it.

9. Another one which doesn't say "Christmas" to me but I do like it.

10. OMG an actual Xmas song!! A bit bland though.

11. Mine - "A Winter's Tale" from Queen. Just sounds like Christmas to me. Probably mainly because the album ("Made in Heaven") came out in November so I did my usual thing of playing it to death for the next few weeks, which happened to include a white Christmas.

12. Yep, it must be Christmas. Nice medley.

15-12-2006, 15:59:10
Originally posted by Resource Consumer
Surprised about that myself - who the hell is it?

A little gem, the one I like the most. By far.
OTOH Nr. 7 sounds like thermonuclearglobalwar rather than christmas to me. Not really my kind of christmas song.

Scabrous Birdseed
02-01-2007, 20:08:23
Sorry I'm two weeks late with this.

1. Hillarious South Park magic, but not something I think I'd want to put on the stereo in public.

2. This is my favourite track of this round, she's got a really cute accent, the monologue is funny and the song has that great country understanding of everyday life. I can't see why RC thought someone would hate something this endearing.

3. On the other hand, I can't stress how much I detest this pun-filled haw-hawing Reading bullshit.

4. [Mine]

5. Don't like the beat particularly much and since I can't judge the lyrics I guess it's mostly meh.

6. I can deal with this, strangely enough. It's got a traditional touch and good production and I thoink that counts for something.

7. It's an interesting idea but I think something as slow as this needs a bit more menace or atmosphere to keep my interest.

8. This is another one I really like, again sent by RC - the music manages to stay interesting throughout, the humour isn't overbearing, and I like the mixing if that's an acceptable criterion. :)

9. I ususally don't like Bas's submissions but this is some good shit and I can understand why he wanted to post it despite the lack of christmas spirits.

10. [Mine]

11. Queen are way better without Freddy Mercury, now if only they could get rid of Brian May as well... :p

12. [I just put this on so the album would be more than an hour long, to be honest. It's the longest christmas song I've got. Salsoul Orchestra - Christmas Medley]

Scabrous Birdseed
03-01-2007, 19:12:51
Er, I guess it's time for Track Comments soon.

04-01-2007, 08:42:24
Yeah, I was waiting for a few more reviews but can do that whenever.