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Lurker the Second
21-11-2006, 21:23:01
One of my favorites:

Are you pondering over a call to be directed at a certain women of the female race?

Question Mark or Question Euro?

What if the mortgage rates go up, and my current rates are fixed for 12 years at a lower rate. Is that positive, negative or doesn't it matter?

If a German Shepherd is born on US soil, is it still German?

Question is, did they catch any shark?

ISDN, does that still exist?

Wo sind die Mdchen von Tirol?

Why is it that people actually answer a 'why is it' question here serious??

Why is it that I read Saliva every time I see the word Salvia.

Enough for now. I finally have something else to do. Anyone have a match?

22-11-2006, 07:54:44
Hail Hail Drekkus....... the inverse Oracle

22-11-2006, 08:27:35