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15-11-2006, 10:23:58
Anyone else find it amusing that Sky One are showing a condensed version of Lost Series One and Two tonight in an hour slot... Says something about how slow moving it is if they think they can condense it into 60 mins! :lol:

15-11-2006, 10:48:27
True. I might even watch that though. It's all rather passed me by other than what i hear people chatting about at work and asking questions of my gf and making her very angry with me.

15-11-2006, 13:07:26
I saw episode 5 s03 yesterday
some good stuff, but still mostly irritating

15-11-2006, 13:19:38
I am glad it has gone to Sky - means I won't be irritated by having to watch it...:beer:

15-11-2006, 20:17:26
Does somebody tye you down and pry open your eyelids? ;) :D

15-11-2006, 20:41:01
Best way to watch Lost: DVR it, then fast forward through everything until the last 5 minutes.

That way, on the off chance that hell freezes over and something good actually happens in the main part of the episode you can still catch it if need be.

15-11-2006, 22:57:27
Just watched the hour long summary. I get the impression that if the round up had been about 2 hours long they could have gone through it without missing a thing.

15-11-2006, 23:10:43
Well, there won't be another new episode til February. So, if you're like me, you'll forget everything that happened before by then.

15-11-2006, 23:37:18
Hmmm? Series 3 starts in the EU on Sunday.

16-11-2006, 00:07:22
I think quite a lot happens in Lost, it's just each episode doesn't end with a nice little conclusion and moral like Dawson's fucking Creek or something.

And series three is the lick so far.

16-11-2006, 09:21:19
a lot happen that is inconsequential
I often feel cheated because the twist and turns are mostly artificial

it's pretty easy to create tension by throwing "mysterious stuff" that you never explain... but you'd better wrap it well in the end otherwise viewers will be mightily pissed off

16-11-2006, 10:52:20
But a lot of stuff that seems inconsequential at the time actually turns out to be important later down the line, for example the polar bear from series one episode one (or maybe two) was seemingly forgotten for two whole series, but is just beginning to become relevant now, or the shark from the opening episode of series 2. I can't really think of anything that's been purely mysterious for the sake of it.

16-11-2006, 12:55:24
since we have no explanation for anything, I'd say I can't really think of anything that hasn't been purely mysterious for the sake of it.

Polar bear surviving the heat and humidity of a tropical climate? That will take some explaning. For the moment, regardless of how many times it pops up, it's mysterious for the sake of it