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15-11-2006, 06:18:25
I've been thinking some old ideas through my own glasses of subjectivity lately and there are several issues that have been beaten down from face value acceptance to dilemmas.

Of course, many of you would be able to distinct some of these thoughts from Foucault, some from Edward Bernays and other great ones. Or even more so Stanley Milgramís obedience to authority experiments etc.. extremely interesting stuff.

So we know people like to obey, some people even depend on it. They'd kill others to have someone to tell them what to do, because it is how they define themselves and their ultimate source of the sense of security.

So I've been thinking lately about what seemed like absurd to me, one of Foucault's ideas about the history of psychiatry. I don't know much about psychiatry itself, however it was rather interesting. His claim was outrageous, that it was ultimately a tool of control. Like everything in his eyes is a tool of control.

So I was thinking what is the body of knowledge and studies of what psychiatry does in the sense that it kind of tends to 'fix' individuals to fit the society, or even more so the idea of what the society portrays as acceptable behavior?

We basically categorize everyone into groups, if you are mentally ill according to our studies, then we feel you are broken some way. But how do we really know that? Sure, some people who are clearly disturbed, who have serious disillusions, serious damage to their health etc, they would benefit from help. But what about the rest?

But how are we assuring, that we are not merely molding 'broken people' into what is the current way of behaving in that said culture? So what we are really doing is we are modifying the individuals thought patterns. Maybe giving them new thought patterns to choose from, but how can we assure that those patterns are healthy and respecting the individual? And not just reprogramming them into what we think is benefitial to the society?

I'm not a hater of psychiatry. I'm not a hater of medicine. I'm an advocate of science. But I also like to think that everything we do, we shoudl always be careful when it comes to effecting the way people think. This is crucial when we are creating new discourses, we must not limit the options of different ideas and thoughts but rather accumulatively add and thus make it richer and not undermining individuality.

15-11-2006, 06:25:21
Another good example is the protestant ethic, it fascinates me. It is still in our bloods, and our feelings actually follow that coded thought.

As in, it is my duty. What is a duty? When we talk about duty, it usually mean a task that has no real meaning in the real world (even when you think it has), it sucks to do it and it does not benefit you.

But it is your DUTY. It's a strong word. When someone gives it to you, and you come in terms of accepting it as your duty even though you think it sucks, you are more likely going to do it over and over again even if it is pointless.

Or by limiting your options. This is what I did when I fired a person, it was hard but had to do it. I limited the options so I wouldn't face arguments or any kind of discussion.. that is 'You can either leave now, or you can work until.. the end of the week and quit. That's the way it goes, so would you like to stay the rest of the week and get that money?'... that way, it would be a discussion of those two options. But same can be done with anything else. Of course I was making up the option thing, I just didn't want to go debate about it. But you get the point.

It's all protestant, it's the good feeling when you have doen your duty, even if it's totally pointless. Because you are supposed to do it. THat's why you feel good about it. It still controls us. Work days are for work, Sunday is for resting. Life is about work, and working is important, even if it is meaningless and pointless. You are supposed to work, period, end of discussion.

So there's really no reasoning behind any of this, it does not encourage challenging any thoughts and so it is oppressive in its very nature.

15-11-2006, 06:31:08
I thought this thread was about self biased.

15-11-2006, 06:39:01
Yeah yeah I kind of got lost.. about illusion of the self. Yes..

Mmm.. there are all these different things that contribute into your self image. For example the protestant work ethic, very influential. The feel of guilt, yes.. please feel guilt. Please, feel like you need to confess to something, tell us the truth. You will be set free if you do, especially if it is self discriminating.. in fact then it becomes almost like your duty.

All the advertising and stuff, as in these are the things you want, you are unique, express yourself. Express yourself yes, but how? What if I want to go out and express myself by running naked outside and screaming, just to see how that feels? No, that is not acceptable. What I can do is I can go to the gym, pump some iron. That is the acceptable way of releasing pressure.

In fact we have set these acceptable ways of dealing with pressure, even your doctor can tell you these things.. yes you should go and play drums, hit the bag, those are acceptable ways..

So I am allowed to express myself in ways that usually involve buying something from someone so I can express myself, or by attending some group of self expressing that usually is also not free.

What if I want to take some LSD. splash paint on my ass and paint my walls with my ass cheeks? Why not? Play some good music too. But that again is a no no. Besides you're then commiting a crime even, because your exploration was not tolerated by the criminal law so not only is it unacceptable, it is also against the law.

But when we attend to these.. yoga sessions, what ever, buy new drums, we do feel that now we are expressing ourselves and thus acting upon some of the ultimate freedoms. But these freedoms are pretty much sold to us anyway.

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Skanky Burns
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Originally posted by MattHiggs
All them words and not an interesting point in site. That's a clever typo. Could be the Counterglow slogan!

Mr. Bas
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Originally posted by Drekkus
That's a clever typo. Could be the Counterglow slogan!


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Own goal, sight?

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Should be 'sight'

CG is a 'site', hence the clever typo - now quickly change your other post otherwise people will realise you didn't mean it...:cute:


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Originally posted by MDA
is this just a bunch of spam email filter-bypass stuff pasted together?

Much more amateurish ponderings than I'm used to seeing on more respectable parts of the web. Or even in spam.

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I thought Supercitizen was someone pretending to be Pekka.

self biased
16-11-2006, 04:45:56
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Originally posted by SuperCitizen
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Originally posted by SuperCitizen
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16-11-2006, 16:04:29
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16-11-2006, 16:06:40
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16-11-2006, 16:29:00
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self biased
16-11-2006, 19:47:18
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Originally posted by SuperCitizen
Well, in that case it's all the vagina juice on your chin that makes the difference. If you eat it, you're engaged in lesbianism.

Taste but don't eat? Sounds a bit like smoke but don't inhale.:smoke:

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Originally posted by Tizzy
Let me get this straight.
Liking men makes me gay?

No wonder I'm confused. Insert Funko joke here.