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10-11-2006, 04:22:45
Is it necessariy illegal to urinate on your neighbours lawn? Or other area that is privately owned? If it doesn't have a sign that says 'this is private property', how am I supposed to REALLY know that it is .. well privately owned?

It might have been a mistake in city zoning, some hippie just built the house on excess space no one wanted.

Can you argue in court, that the line of property between your lawn and their lawn is vague, that is there is a small ditch in between, however, who is to say that ditch is the line? Perhaps you own half a meter over the ditch on his side?

What about if you pee to the ditch, is that private property or not? ANd if you can not pee to that ditch, because it's not your property, it indicates that you can not pee in the woods either. You can't pee anywhere outdoors in fact. What about homeless people etc, they just can't pee, period.

OR what if you pee to your lawn, but it kind of moves into the other side? I mean, how are you supposed to know where the pee travels. Or what if it's windy? You tried to pee on your own side but *WOOSH* the wind came and took it.

Is it really a crime if no one saw, who minds about that stuff? It's natural, it will be appreciated by mother nature.. she will suck that pee with a smile on her face and screams for seconds..

10-11-2006, 05:11:45
Urinating is illegal. Peeing will get you arrested.

10-11-2006, 09:07:57
Homo Sapiens non urinat in ventum

14-11-2006, 12:22:43
in vino

14-11-2006, 14:46:17
In the US urinating in public will get you a ticket and a fine.

14-11-2006, 15:07:50
what kind of a ticket?

14-11-2006, 15:33:12
to a ballgame

14-11-2006, 15:38:01

14-11-2006, 15:42:51
Did you know there's actually an European weee directive?

14-11-2006, 15:46:26
weee dan?

14-11-2006, 15:48:13

14-11-2006, 15:54:44

14-11-2006, 15:56:40
nintendo wii

14-11-2006, 16:00:25
i like to weeee on drekkusususus nintendo, but i think his wife won't let me.