View Full Version : Plunger v sword fight ends badly

03-11-2006, 12:18:20
Fear the awesome power of my plunger... There are those who call it 'The Widowmaker'.

A man was treated in hospital after he was impaled on a sword, after a 'play fight' with his brother went a bit wrong.

That the fight wouldn't end well might have been guessed by the fact that one brother had a sword, while the other only had a plunger. Thus ingoring the well known phrase, 'never bring a plunger to a sword fight.'

Perhaps unexpectedly, it seems that the plunger might actually have been the more effective weapon. Those Daleks clearly know what they're doing.

According to police reports, the boy lunged at his brother with the plunger, which promptly suctioned itself hard to his stomach.

It was as the man was trying to remove the plunger from his brother's stomach that, apparently, he managed to impale himself on the sword.

The man was taken to hospital in the brothers' hometown of Denton, Texas, where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries. It is not currently known if the plunger has yet been removed from the brother's stomach.

Only in America...;)