View Full Version : Embarassing polyglot question

03-10-2006, 15:53:55
Est-ce que n'importe qui sait où je peux acheter une pompe de pénis ?

Mein altes man lief a fenzied pumpenden Lernabschnitt ein

¡Espero no pienses que soy extraño!

Frozen Frog
03-10-2006, 15:58:29
Viens là ma belle, on va jaser...

03-10-2006, 16:08:30
can't believe there's no german transation of frenzied...

and jaser? what does that mean?

03-10-2006, 16:10:53
frenzied -> wahnsinnig, flieberhaft or rasend

Doesn't seem like there's a literal translation... but Babelfish has a shit vocabulary.

Frozen Frog
03-10-2006, 16:18:53
Jaser: to have a little talk. In this case, to have a little talk with a pervert.