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30-09-2006, 06:13:17
Hello All

So my computer has gotten way too slow the last year. I tested it's benchmarks when I got it, and it was about what I would expect.

This was about two years ago. Last year, I noticed that it was behaving much worse than it had before. But it was still functional in what I cared about, so I ignored it

Recently, it has been too slow even in things like CS:S, which I enjoy playing and need the functionality in. I was going to format it, but Fugue convinced me to try and repair it instead.

Now it had been a while since I had cleaned up malware, so I did that first (using PC Tools Spyware Doctor).

Then I ran 3DMark06 (Freeware) and my score is:

SM2.0 Score 812
CPU Score 834

My system is:
Athlon 64bit 3500+
Radeon X800 Pro (256 MB)

I beleive my score is terrible.

I am interested in suggestions of what to do to repair my system. I Am willing to spend some money (I spent money on the Spyware Doctor, after having some freeware ones not work correctly).


Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
30-09-2006, 17:04:12
Backup your data, wipe the drive, reinstall the operating system and only those programs you're currently using. See if that brings your scores back up to par.

30-09-2006, 18:01:37
What qaj said :)

01-10-2006, 11:15:05
Well, Fugue thinks I can repair it, so I am giving it a good try.

I installed the enterprise version of McAfree AntiVirus.. and ran that (And got a couple!). Also, I Defragged my hard disk.

Current Score:
SM2.0 Score 812
CPU Score 830


01-10-2006, 12:52:06
Windows was already updated.. going through and rechecking all drivers now.

I really think Fugue will be wrong about this, despite being a very good at this.


01-10-2006, 19:35:06
I turned off some of the initial running stuff.

I didn't see any improvements. I ran 3DMark05 just in case 3DMark06 is running all the wrong stuff.

3DMark05 Score: 4899

3DMark06 Score: No Improvement

HL2 appears to be running faster, let me try a few maps.


Resource Consumer
06-10-2006, 04:45:41
How very un-PC

07-10-2006, 08:17:31
BTW, things aren't up to where they use to be.

It is just that CS:S is running a bit faster now, so as is my habit, I am just using it.


07-10-2006, 08:55:25
If you want to stop some services running to get that extra bit memory then I suggest downloading this:

(File -> Save As)

net stop "Computer Browser"
net stop Server
net stop Workstation
net stop "Help and Support"
net stop Messenger
net stop "Print Spooler"
net stop "Shell Hardware Detection"
net stop "SSDP Discovery Service"
net stop "Task Scheduler"
net stop Themes
net stop "Upload Manager"
net stop "Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)"
net stop "Automatic Updates"
net stop "IPSEC Services"
net stop "Ipod service"
net stop "SecuROM User Access Service (V7)"
net stop "Windows Time"
net stop "Wireless Zero Configuration"
net stop "Diskeeper"
REM Service Optimization Complete!
REM Press any key to exit.

When you run it it will turn off the services above.
If you need the services back all you have to do is reboot the machine.
Also if you want to add more services (or remove the ones you don't want) to turn off you can just open it in a text editor and add them (or remove).