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28-09-2006, 10:57:03
Wow, i didn't know these little guys were still going!


Nasa's robotic Mars rover Opportunity has arrived at what researchers hope will prove to be a "dream" location - the 800m-wide Victoria Crater.

Opportunity has been exploring Mars' Meridiani Plains since January 2004.

Its "twin", the Spirit rover, continues to explore Gusev Crater on the other side of the Red Planet.

Both robots have continued working far beyond their designed mission lifetimes.

Opportunity has now driven more than 9.2km (5.7 miles) across the planet's dusty surface, examining rocks and studying the Martian environment.

The Spirit rover has been holed up at one northward-tilted position through the southern Mars winter in order to collect the maximum energy supply for its solar panels.

Spirit is conducting studies that benefit from staying in one place, such as monitoring effects of wind on dust. It will begin driving again when the Martian spring increases the amount of solar power available.

Both rovers will be on a reduced workload through October as Mars passes behind the Sun as viewed from Earth. This makes communication with the robots more difficult than usual.


28-09-2006, 11:59:54
5.7 miles in more than two years? Fucking lazy robot.

28-09-2006, 12:09:44
34,639,082 + 5.7 miles in 4 years though.

28-09-2006, 12:15:14
This is just a cover up. According to something I saw on TV, the Martian Rovers (New Premier League team in 2089) were destroyed by giant robots.

28-09-2006, 12:15:42

28-09-2006, 12:18:14
Originally posted by Funko
34,639,082 + 5.7 miles in 4 years though.

They sound like prime candidates for "promising robots whose careers went downhill".

28-09-2006, 12:28:59
:lol: If they were going downhill they might have moved a bit faster.

28-09-2006, 12:35:36
Oh that's right - stick up for them! You astronomy graduates are all the same. God forbid anyone criticise your precious little space robots. The media is just blind to their failings. I've been saying it all along and its just a matter of time until everyone agrees with me.

PS. Some french space robots that nobody's heard of are going to be the next big thing.

28-09-2006, 13:20:10
Originally posted by Funko
:lol: If they were going downhill they might have moved a bit faster. Yeah man see that robot speed downhill at 2MPY!!

28-09-2006, 17:34:33
Originally posted by Funko
34,639,082 + 5.7 miles in 4 years though.

Hmmm. That doesn't look as though it includes the orbital paths as well.

28-09-2006, 17:38:42
Wikipedia says the average orbital speed is 53,859 mi/h. 1,887,219,360 miles in 4 years. And then there's the planet's rotation ...

Tau Ceti
28-09-2006, 20:56:29
And the movement of the solar system, and the galaxy, and the Local Group, and so on...

29-09-2006, 07:51:36
Fastest. Robots. Ever.