View Full Version : Leaving forever

22-09-2006, 16:06:36
Dear CG

I fear I may not survive this weekend.
Certainly what little remains of my sanity is doomed.
If I do make it through I shall likely be but a shadow of my former self.

If I don't return on Monday, thanks for the years of entertainment.

Tiz x

22-09-2006, 16:22:23
Tiz X, that's her gangsta name.

Mr. Bas
22-09-2006, 16:23:58
Tizzy tiz, the dutchess.

25-09-2006, 08:25:00
I made it.
I think.

25-09-2006, 08:32:02
If you were really insane you would probably think you were sane. So you have no way of knowing.

25-09-2006, 08:55:58
I think you should do a sanity test.

Here is a test to see if you are OK:


it's a stress test, but I think most insanity iis stress related


25-09-2006, 08:57:29
hey i bought a flying cow for baby Drekkus.
he will grow up to be a sane boytje after all

25-09-2006, 09:00:06
The test says I'm normal.

Clearly it's flawed.

25-09-2006, 09:01:45
A flying cow? :lol:

I reckon mr_G would be excellent in the mentor's role for baby drekkus.

25-09-2006, 09:06:36
jesjes i saw one at Heathrow and had to buy a sane gift due to the insanity at getting through customs.

Heatrow zuigt grote tijd.
I'll bet all the ppl at Heatrow never have to buy toothpaste / aftershave / hairgel / drops for baby Drekkus etc. etc. etc. again!!!

cost me about 30/40 euros of stuff wich i easily could bring into the country but they almost shot me in the head by taking MY stuff out of the country.
and then the pretty lady at the scan said in a really jolly jolly tone....... well you can buy those things here at the airport again.