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25-11-2001, 11:27:03
There's been a lot going on locally this Autumn, and this week I've been to two concerts.

Monday was a trip to the City Hall in Salisbury to see Hawkwind, supported by Hi-Fi Companions. Now, I've wanted to see Hawkwind for quite a while, and I was intrigued when I picked up a double CD anthology of their works across the years. This showed that they came from very bluesy root stock - always a good thing - and developed an intriguing heavy sound. I was even more up for the concert when I found out that part of Hi-Fi companions was made up by ex-Tangerine Dream players. I have a couple of Tangerine Dream albums, which I think are pretty good.

The concert was something else. I started getting some inkling of what was to come by the appearance of members of the audience, which seemed to be a combination of aging hippies and rave-goers. To start with, a DJ was playing rave-type music, which wasn't too bad. Then the Hi-Fi Companions appeared: one old hippy playing keyboards with Sax and flute as well - who I found out was the ex-TD component, and another guy with a rack of sequencers; synthesisers; drum machines et al and a mixing desk - apparently from a band called Eat Static. I can't really say whether the music they produced was good or not: all that remains in my mind was a thudding drum line that went through my head like a jack-hammer - even escaping to the bar didn't eliminate the beat, which reverberated through the whole building. Suffice it to say that I would warn people against ever going to see them. At the end of their set - oh blessed relief, and the prospect of some heavy rocking with Hawkwind.

Hawkwind. Well. Six bikers and a bloke with frizzy blond hair wearing a sparkling jacket and glow-in-the-dark sequinned hot-pants. What a combination! Somehow, the audience seemed to have changed character from the previous performance. I wonder why? They were good. Well, I assume they were good, because a lot of people seemed to be having a very good time, although there did seem to be a lot more smoke in the air than was being generated by the smoke machine, and it had a sweetish smell, rather than the acrid smell of smoke machine output. Like I say, they were good ... or so my mate who can tell by looking at guitar players' picking action said, but I couldn't tell because the mix was utter shite. You couldn't distinguish one instrument from another. I think I recognised a couple of songs, from having done my revision of the anthology album and another compilation, but I could't check with the other dozen people that I arrived with - because they didn't seem to be around at the end of the concert when I was trying to find them to see if they were going for a drink. They relied on me to tell them that Hawkwind didn't even play 'Silver Machine'!

25-11-2001, 11:38:09
Having got that off my chest, I realised that I didn't talk about Saturday night's concert.

This was at a totally different style of venue - a little theatre called the West End Centre in Aldershot, holding a couple of hundred at the most. The band were The Producers, who do real blues music. The first half was an acoustic set, and the second half electric. Consumate musicians, they are going to be winding up at the end of the year because one of their number is leaving to follow a real career, and to meet his mortgage payments. They had a new harmonica player with them this time. (Last time it was a looney who was a good laugh, and who played lots of different instruments.) The new guy was very good at the harmonica (of which he had a dozen slung around his waist), but really - it isn't necessary to have it accompanying every song.

Still, it was a great evening :beer: and I might try and catch them one last time when they play near my home in December.

25-11-2001, 11:47:40
Eat Static supporting Hawkwind? Bizarre!

29-11-2001, 17:34:58
This week saw me go visit Mark King live - I have written a review which should appear, as if my magic, somewhere in this website soon... :smoke: