View Full Version : Apples, Pears, Nuclear Reactors, Planets

21-09-2006, 19:40:28
...all seem to work just fine with single cores. Okay, maybe nuclear reactors wasn't such a great example.

What about computers? Time to upgrade, but I need to know if dual core processors are in any better than uno cores. What the heck is a dual core anyway?

21-09-2006, 20:03:56
2 processors on the same chip.

Will be much more sensible to use them with Vista, as Vista is being written from the ground up to use them.

If you do a lot of encoding (making DVDs from video streams) and similar math heavy work, then they make sense right now.

Oh, and the reason for dual core nuclear reactors is so you can maintain one while firing up the other to keep the power being generated.