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19-09-2006, 03:27:32
serious thread. Or as serious as I can get.

I got in a bit of trouble at work for losing my temper. I wrote a nasty note. It wasn't actually addressed to a female coworker, but it involved them. Because it used the word fuck, I am facing possible termination for sexual harrassment. Even though I didn't use fuck in the context you are thinking of. It was basically what the fuck is this person doing.

I had no idea it was so wrong to use curse words in the workplace. I really need to control my anger. I have never been in trouble at work before (not this much trouble at least). This is a new one for me.

How to I control my temper and refrain from doing things and saying things I shouldn't?

19-09-2006, 03:28:38
and I don't think kicking people in the balls will help when I'm working.

19-09-2006, 03:48:20
I probably don't belong in this thread.

19-09-2006, 03:54:07
I use to have temper problems. Would flip out and try to cause damage. Luckly I was such a wuss that I never hurt anyone.

Gradually I came to the observation that people are people, with many problems and frailties. Trying to understand them is what I started to do instead of getting angry. And things done against me don't really require a violent or angry response.

About the only people who get me to get inordinately angry is monstrous people like child molesters, rapists, or torturers.. I think I would lose my temper there, and would do violence.

But yeah, most things just are worth it. And in particular (in my case), I'm not worth it.

Jon Miller

19-09-2006, 04:05:30
i fail to see how fuck used in the context of "what the fuck" is sexual harrassment.

Granted it was very unprofessional what you did, but by no means was it sexual harrassment.

Anywho: Anger Management -
Here are my suggestions. I try to use these when I start having panic attacks or start having one of my mental breakdowns. Maybe they will be useful in this scenario.

1) Get away from the situation. If you feel like you are getting angry and might not be able to control it, get out of where you are. Go take a break, a walk, go to the bathroom. Just get yourself outside of where you are.

2) Then slow everything down. Once you're outside of the situation you can possibly slow down the chain of events and think more rationally.

3) Don't say or do anything about the situation while enraged. Wait until you've had time to calm down, mull it over and come up with a logical approach. In this case, you could have found a more pc way to phrase your letter.

4) Get your mind off of it for awhile. Do something you enjoy or maybe a physical activity. Physical activities tend to release endorphins. So go running, work out, play a sport, go shopping. Just go do something that gets you moving and busy.

Not sure if this would work for you.

19-09-2006, 04:49:06
Originally posted by Diss
How to I control my temper and refrain from doing things and saying things I shouldn't?

Just be careful what you put in writing. That's all.

Swear words are there for high emotional content (usually anger or fear). Unprofessional to use them... although a given situation can be forgiven. For instance;-

BOSS: We've thinking about outsourcing your job to a trained monkey.
YOU: You're shitting me, right?

BOSS: I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but your entire family was wiped out by an asteroid strike.
YOU: You are so full of shit, boss.

BOSS: I've decided to give you some extra duties. There will be extra pay. Now drop your pants and bend over that desk.
YOU: I ain't gonna be fucked by you, shit for brains.

Using swear words for everyday stuff should be avoided. Try to engage brain before opening mouth (AND ESPECIALLY, BEFORE MAKING A DOCUMENT).

OK? All clear now?

19-09-2006, 07:22:54
Don't ask me, the air is always "turning blue" especially when near a PC or doing DIY.

Admit I'm getting angrier as I get older, could use the tips myself :D

:mad: :tizzy: :mad: :tizzy: :mad: :tizzy: :mad: :tizzy: :mad:

19-09-2006, 12:39:45

If they try to fire you, kick the boss in the balls.

19-09-2006, 12:44:35
You get accused of sexal harassment because you used "fuck"? This is hysterical.

19-09-2006, 12:47:18
fuck you

19-09-2006, 12:48:56
I really like the phrase

fuck you you fuck

It's the symmetry I think.

19-09-2006, 12:50:08
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must be the funniest line in the new paul verhoeven film wich was great really really great.

Mr. Bas
19-09-2006, 12:51:00
Is it? Haven't seen it yet, and I'm hearing mixed stories about it.

19-09-2006, 12:51:40
In other words, he thinks your opinion is a load of shit mr g

Mr. Bas
19-09-2006, 12:52:12
Duh. No shit.

19-09-2006, 12:58:05
It's really great.