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19-09-2006, 03:19:36
So we have 168 hours in a week, right?

And I would like to spend:
42-48 hours in bed (I can deal with less, but not healthily, and I might need more like the 48 then the 42).
*5-10 hours a week doing cleaning and running errands and the like
1-2 hours per day eating/preparing food (+1-2 if you cook well) = 7-14 hours a week
3-10 hours a week for religion (I probably only get 2 currently, and I would get 3 if I made it to church every week)
*5-10 hours pwe week volunteering
*5-20 hours pwe week doing mentally stimulating/creative nonPhysics activities
20-40 hours per week doing 'relaxing' activities (reading and video games and internet are my current, but I have done TV and bars and sports as well)
3-5 hours per week minimal exercise (*7-10 hours preferred)

* Are things that I dont' do currently, but would like to do or need to do.

That is 120 waking hours a week. Lets say 40-60 hours a week doing everything but the 'relaxing' activities. And 20-40 hours per week doing the 'relaxing activities. That leaves only 40-60 hours a week for work!

Now a productive nuclear physicist needs to spend 60-100 hours a week (Grad Student + Post Doc + Tenure Tracked Prof.) doing physics to be succesful.

Currently I don't get done what I like during the week. I do spend the time needed to be successful, but I haven't been very productive. Yesterday, for example, I spent 15 hours being confused about some results (because I had forgotten that ever Neutron Arm channel is semi-independently timed).

So if I become productive.. I can do the same ammount of work as I do now, and not be successful, and have the life I would like. Or I can continue my hours, not have the life I would like, and be successful.

Of course, if I don't become productive.. I am just fucked.

And I don't know how I would survive if I had a family. I suspect that a lot of things would have to give a bit.

Jon Miller

19-09-2006, 05:37:29
as a physicist, prove that there are more hours in one day that 24...
or find a way to fudge it. then you'll have more time..

19-09-2006, 07:26:56
You just need to clone yourself and split the tasks between you.

19-09-2006, 11:11:03
If you think you can eliminate those 15 hour days where you stare blankly at data that you are too stupid to realize has a simple explaination, you are in for a shock.

You will get more productive as time goes by, but days like that will haunt your sched till the day you are fired or retire.