View Full Version : Mrs Blair, not guilty of child abuse!!! So lets use an ugly picture out of spite!

17-09-2006, 15:00:23

That is the best picture to use.

17-09-2006, 16:13:55
crazy. There was a story in the independent yesterday about a nursery school worker who is being investigated by police for child abuse after she put a child on a 'naughty seat' in a nursery.

The child didn't complain, the child's parents didn't complain some council official who happened to be in the nursery that day made a complaint. According to the report the parents are supporting the worker and still send their child to the same place.

Flipping ridiculous. Given the governments theory that we should all be challenging inappropriate behaviour by kids I want to know why cherie didnt give the kid a slap! On the other hand with her husbands stance on human rights the kid is probably on his way to a foreign CIA base to be quizzed about any possible terrorist links...

18-09-2006, 08:07:24
Only in America... Oh. :o

18-09-2006, 08:13:17
Yeah, she looked real bad in that pick.. like an ugly person.. not just an ugly body.

Jon Miller