View Full Version : Australia wages its own war on terror

Mr. Bas
12-09-2006, 10:44:21
Australians are trying to make the world a safer place. (http://www.guardian.co.uk/australia/story/0,,1870514,00.html)

Provost Harrison
12-09-2006, 14:18:04

Resource Consumer
12-09-2006, 14:26:05

Skanky Burns
13-09-2006, 07:22:20

13-09-2006, 08:08:25
Chuck another ray tail on the barbie Bruce!

13-09-2006, 09:35:16
I wonder if you can eat a ray. Would it taste like shark?

I imagine not since I never hear of people cooking rays but shark is on every menu.

13-09-2006, 10:13:26
i thin sharks are just more common and end up in nets a lot

Mr. Bas
13-09-2006, 10:16:51
I think ray is eaten, but not very commonly. It is also quite unusual to see shark on the menu here though.

13-09-2006, 10:45:25
Too late for Irwin, if only they had killed them sooner!

13-09-2006, 11:42:57
isn't it often used as a substitute for scallops?

The Mad Monk
13-09-2006, 14:50:27
I have to wonder if it was really revenge; it might have been something darker.

I can imagine someone collecting the stings, and selling them as macabre souveniers.

"Own a piece of what killed the Croc Hunter!"

Mr. Bas
13-09-2006, 14:52:36
Not unlikely, indeed that's what the article suggests as well.

13-09-2006, 15:48:40
no, mad monk thought it up first! no he did! really!

13-09-2006, 15:55:39
I don't know if sting ray is specifically eaten, but 'normal' rays are often eaten, at least in France

13-09-2006, 16:00:31
not the first bottom feeder you've lapped at, i'm sure

13-09-2006, 16:04:02
He's more used to animals feeding from his bottom I think.

13-09-2006, 16:04:38
that's the circle of life, right there