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06-09-2006, 16:36:21
is probably going to be very funny, in a painful sort of way (the Office like)


27-10-2006, 10:07:49
we talked about it a good deal already, and I still think it's unfair on KZ, but I'm still looking forward to see it.

Borat arrives for London premiere

Staff and agencies
Thursday October 26, 2006
Guardian Unlimited

Jagshemash! ... Borat arrives for his London premiere.

Your average millionaire Hollywood celebrity shows up at a premiere in the back of a limousine accompanied by a retinue of PR minders, acolytes and general hangers on. But Borat Sagdiyev (aka Sacha Baron Cohen) is not your average Hollywood celebrity. At last night's London premiere of his debut feature, the moustachioed TV host rolled into Leicester Square aboard a wooden cart, drawn by a mule. Accompanying him were 30 members of his extended family and several barrels of fermented horse urine.

Standing beneath a Union Jack umbrella, Borat proceeded to lead the crowd in a raucous rendition of the Kazakhstan national anthem and confessed that he had come to England in the hope of selling his infant grandchild to "the singing transvestite Madonna". Following the screening, Borat added that he was planning to retire to a King's Cross hotel in order to "drink a lot, wrestle naked, and shoot dogs from window."

30-10-2006, 10:39:32
One thing I've noticed from all the press he's been doing is that he really recycles the same jokes over and over.

30-10-2006, 10:47:44
there is probably only so much he can do/ explore on that angle

I've quite a few very positive reviews, mainly in the uk press

apparently the number of screenings in the US has been drastically reduced though

05-11-2006, 02:51:41
I just got back from seeing it.

It probably won't go over too well in the Southern US...

The wrestling scene alone is worth the price of admission.

5 stars.

05-11-2006, 16:22:50
Thought it was very funny... Absolutely cringeworthy - especially when Americans in the South merrily wandered into agreeing with some pretty horrible stuff...

Well worth watching.

05-11-2006, 17:15:29
Were you turned on by the wrestling int he hotel when his producer had his magazine?

06-11-2006, 13:29:00
No. Oddly enough. It was bloody funny though.

06-11-2006, 21:03:14
That movie showed a pretty accurate cross section of the US South.