View Full Version : I want the police, my cheeseburger isn't right

01-09-2006, 00:03:12

"You need to act like an adult". That's hard for some people.

01-09-2006, 18:13:01
Wasn't there some spoiled blond chick in Orange County who called the police because Burger King put onions on her Whopper? She had ordered a Whopper with no onions then totally freaked out when her burger had onions on it, throw the burger at one of the workers, and started verbally abusing the poor guy behind the counter. After they kicked her out for being disruptive she called the police and demanded they arrest the poor guy for putting onions on her burger.

The police arrested her instead for disturbing the peace. :lol:

self biased
01-09-2006, 22:57:51
funny how that happens.