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22-08-2006, 20:11:02
But something holds me back.

22-08-2006, 20:24:30
Your wiles?


22-08-2006, 20:34:56

22-08-2006, 21:31:58
Your scruples? No, it can't possibly be that.

22-08-2006, 21:59:00
Apparently I lied.

I looked at my e-mail that I only glanced at breifly at work.

I don't have anythign to say about WHO, I have something to say about WH: Mark of Chaos, which is the other big online game like Rome total war but WH, and online...

Fuck all :(

22-08-2006, 22:03:23
Now I am in a foul mood.

I came home because I thought I could play WHO, now I am here and I can't.

I could log onto eve, but I have a month long skill training and don't feel like it.

Guess I will get some wine and do a little work.

23-08-2006, 01:59:51
Well the game needs tons of work, and the single player is not available in this part of beta, but....

its basicly real time version of the War Fantasy battle table top game.

Make your army, paint them, even all the spells, magic items, heros, etc are there.\

Game is overcrowded. I only was able to get on and play one game, I won, but I was an all monster cheese fest.

23-08-2006, 03:20:30
Could you link to a preview or some sort of info?


23-08-2006, 07:59:11
Originally posted by HelloKitty
its basicly real time version of the War Fantasy battle table top game.

Make your army, paint them, even all the spells, magic items, heros, etc are there.\

as ashamed as i am to admit, this would be the mst awesome game ever. i have very very fond memories of my warhammer table-top days

23-08-2006, 08:04:20
I didn't even know they were doing one... I had one of the early Warhammer RTS games and it was a bit shit. Hopefully this'll be good.

23-08-2006, 11:16:12
The game has shitloads of potential, but right now it is only halfway there, although the army builder and graphics are awesome.


It only uses 4 races though because of the time period.

Empire (2 or 3 regions), chaos (undivided, nurgle,and khorne so far), Skaven, and 3 high elf groups.

Orcs, goblins, stumpies, are available as dogs of war, and you can actually make an entire army of these races as long as you have one hero fromt he core 4.

The chaos ones are pretty much done, the empire each have different units based on region, the skaven and high elf subgroups are all still the same right now.

They modified the table top combat to be more like Rome total war. It works well but there are still some MAJOR balance issues. Ex, I shouldn'e be able to only feild a general on a dragon, a light mage hero, and spend the rest of my points on giant eagles. The poor kid last night had to quit after I took out his artillery, 2 ranged units, wizard, and then started chasing his fleeing troops around the battlefeild (450 kills to 0 when he quit).

All the magic items are there, along with personal skills etc that can be earned for units and heroes with exp in the campaign, but they are visable only for beta, so my gneral couldn't load up on hail of dooms.

Anyway, its not worth playing as it is, but if they fix the gamespeed and glaring gamestoping bugs (some heroes of chaos start the game and suicide, some get stuck in geometry at the deployment zone, etc).

But it is the begining of beta, plus we didn't get a beta manual so everyone was trying to figure out how to do anything. I still don't know how to change the view of the tabletop.

23-08-2006, 11:22:06
If it's mainly balance, hopefully lots of those things will improve.

Tabletop always had quite a lot of those balance issues too though so maybe not. Could still be fun!

23-08-2006, 11:23:32
The screen shots look very impressive.

23-08-2006, 11:33:24
If it's as good as these interviews suggest, that'll be great. :beer:


23-08-2006, 19:18:48
If they fix the performance and glaring bugs, the balance should be cake.

The framework for a great game is there, but it hasn't gotten there first.

I wish we were allowed to access single player skirmishes to test out more stuff, but its PVP only for this part of beta.

23-08-2006, 19:19:16
Oh, and I will see if I can get a seige game going tonight

24-08-2006, 09:50:56
Originally posted by King_Ghidra
as ashamed as i am to admit, this would be the mst awesome game ever. i have very very fond memories of my warhammer table-top days

Must be another of those "KG beats the shit out of Funko" memories uh? :p

24-08-2006, 10:04:12
I think a lot of the reason it was so enjoyable was that we were fairly evenly matched, and had very different playing styles.

K_G was always much more radical and experimental with his selections and he chopped and changed between races... I liked to stick with one race/army for a long time and try and perfect a balanced strategy with them.

24-08-2006, 10:11:53
tbh my recollection is of mainly losing, and for the same reasons funko outlined above. :)

I played chaos too much, for reasons of just liking their atmosphere. But now and again some mad idea or surprise of mine would bear fruit.

As funko said, i chopped and changed a lot. I struggle to think of as race i didn't play as. I even recall playing a slann army once!

Funko played high elves a lot, and they were bloody good.

24-08-2006, 10:19:44
Yeah, the last version that we played, version 4? they were the first army that they released the proper army list book for and all the army lists when they came out made the race radically better. I think when you first got the full chaos pack with their new magic etc. it was much more even...

Funny thing is, I used to hate playing against Chaos because it was impossible to know what kind of army you'd be up against. The main reason I played high elves is because they were a good counter. They had really good anti-demon magic and items, and tons of ranged units, and Chaos was one of the very few armies that wouldn't outnumber them! :D

24-08-2006, 10:34:29
ah yes i forgot about the magic system from the later version, that was cool with the random cards etc.

24-08-2006, 10:37:46
Well hopefully this game will be decent and we can have a few battles. :D

24-08-2006, 11:09:26
Well they are working on a patch to allow people to play.

Apparently they are retarded and use gamespy to set up their games and 90% of thier beta testers cannot host a game.

You mentioned high elves, they are NOT close to done. Prince on a dragon = a fireball caster that is hard to kill. For some reason you can't attack most of the time. You can't even breath fire at the ground, it has to be a target AND THE TARGET HAs TO BE STANDING STILL!!!

Anyway, if I could tell what was going on half the time the game would be better.

Will see tomorrow. No time tonight.

Greg W
26-08-2006, 04:39:09
Could have potential if done well (no, I haven't read any of the previews linked above). I still play the odd game of WHFB with some mates. :nervous:

26-08-2006, 15:31:47
Can you say, "not ready for beta testing"?

The patcher doesn't even work, they are actually telling people how to edit their registry to get the patcher to work.

Supposed to come out in October. I have played in lots of betas, and they better be pulling 120+ hours a week to get this shipped even by Halloween.

I also found out why it was so hard to see what you are doing and command units, the interface hasn't been made for most commands.

Makes me wonder how they did the closed beta test of the single player campaigns... I would expect the GUI to be done before they throw the game out for a semi-closed multiplayer test.

29-08-2006, 09:07:44
Originally posted by Greg W
Could have potential if done well (no, I haven't read any of the previews linked above). I still play the odd game of WHFB with some mates. :nervous:

very brave greg, the first step to dealing with a problem is admitting it

Greg W
29-08-2006, 12:05:06
Meh, me and my mates still roleplay too. Why grow up, I say?


07-09-2006, 21:23:08
I have to give the dev team credit, they are patching hard and heavy. Very fast turnovers for the new beta version.

Now if only they can inject fun into it.

Also be prepared for WHINE fests.

I finally played a seige mission where I was defender (high elf), I took a dragonprince, a unit of silver helms, a unit of spearmen, and an assload of archers.

Rough equivelent of a 3,000 pt army in WHFB.

Opponent was empire and a little cannon heavy.

Be prepared to watch your 12 year old opponent freak out and cruse you out in public channels until he gets banned about how overpowered X is ( in this case a dragon) because he was too stupid to notice the dragon killed 1 unit of his, the rest he just moved into range of my archers while he stared at the dragon for 5 minutes.

07-09-2006, 21:30:22
So Dragons are useful!


07-09-2006, 23:04:28
If you're playing a 12 year old.

01-10-2006, 17:48:45
Well, the game is looking up. They have added quite a bit and are releasing more and more each patch.

Supposedly this week will addd units and content.

The devs also said that they ahve only released about 5% of the game to the beta test so far, so maybe things will be great.

Sadly, swarm armies cannot be made since they restrict the total number of units to

4 heroes
10 units
4 warmachines

So, if you make a skaven or goblin army, you have to max upgrade them and turn them into high price units.

They need to get rid of those reqs so we can field 50 units of completely naked goblins with pointed sticks.

01-10-2006, 21:18:36
Well neveer mind. It comes out in a month.

So unless there is a whole lot of very cool very polished stuff being kept out of the beta test, this will be a torrent if you must play title.

07-11-2006, 16:46:04
Single player demo is out now:


07-11-2006, 17:06:05
do they have a good campaign mode (vs AI)?

07-11-2006, 17:27:43
Well it's not out yet...

but it sounds like single player might be its strength. I'm going to download it tonight and hopefully try it out tomorrow if I have any time.

07-11-2006, 23:50:48
Well as clunky and sucky as everything about it was, I doubt it.

It was delayed and is coming out the same day as M:TW

I doubt I will even waste time stealinga copy of it, thats how bad it was.

08-11-2006, 02:00:34
I'm intrigued at the whiney 12 year olds. Is that feature going to make it to live?

08-11-2006, 05:09:30
You want to play with whiney 12 year olds?

Got some free time now that you are out of congress?

08-11-2006, 09:01:02
Demo downloaded last night. Didn't get a chance to play it but I did discover yesterday that I'd crazily pre-ordered it! (now cancelled).

08-11-2006, 12:04:33
They are useful for rating points and unintentional comedy.

08-11-2006, 12:12:00
The official forum is full of absolute insane bullshit from Tabletop fanboys.

If it wasn't for the fact HK said it was shit, they'd make me think it was great with their whinging about how unlike TT it was.

08-11-2006, 13:26:03
From Gamespot preview:

.. Mark of Chaos looks a lot like Total War, only with fantasy units..

It's probably bullshit as it would be awesome if that was the case.

08-11-2006, 13:29:38

08-11-2006, 13:31:09
The Gamespot Preview is very complimentary, but I don't believe anything they say.

08-11-2006, 13:46:23
Who knows? Maybe they really were only showing beta testers a small percent of the game.

Maybe the released product will be the polar opposite of what the beta was 2 weeks ago when beta closed.

Maybe their game description that sounded exactly like TW:Warhammer will come true.

But its closer to is someone tried to port the recent 40k dawn of war games over and fucked up badly.

I'm sorry, but 10 units just doesn't say epic to me considering R:TW you could field as many units as your computer could handle (I think my record was 6 full armies all attacking Rome at once).

WH would max out at 20 units...

09-11-2006, 01:04:28
No, but it's baby steps. Game balance is critical in any online strategy game these days or people get very pissy very quickly. You can't have oldschool setups where the whole fun of the new release was working out what the huge combos were by yourself, with nearly no outside input.

If it's online, it's going to be broken by someone very very quickly, and if there isn't a counter, everyone is going to be playing that one strat.

So starting small, with a fairly balanced setup and no swarming will help a bit to keep things under control. A bit. At least. It might... =)

10-11-2006, 10:04:46
Played the tutorial and half the SP bit of the demo yesterday. It's... well, bland really.

The graphics look really nice, but you spend very little time zoomed in so that doesn't really matter. And it still doesn't feel very Warhammery. Partly this is because there are some glaring ommisions. For instance, you can buy musicians and standard bearers for your units, but they aren't represented. You can upgrade weapons and armour, but that's not graphically represented. In Dawn of War, every upgrade is immediately visually apparent. It doesn't help that they chose some extremely bland Chaos and Empire units for the demo.

Dawn of War was insanely Warhammery in every detail. Ok, the 40K races are a little more cartooney, and from screenshots, things like the High Elves look a lot more interesting, but still.

In the army picker you have a lot of options, but it's incredibly unintuitive. You can change all the colours and banners, which is a nice touch, but if you upgrade weapons or armour it's just called "level 3 weapon" and you have the same graphic for every unit. It's just boring. They could at least call their armour types different things leather armour, mail or plate for instance... what exactly is the difference between a level 3 throwing axe and a level 1 throwing axe?

Lots of people on the Mark of Chaos forums are complaining about it being too fast, actually I found it was too slow. The levels are quite small but seem big because units move so damn slowly. In the first proper battle of the SP you have 4 units and 2 heroes, and once they are all fighting you just kinda stand there watching and occasionally firing off a hero ability. Battles between the units take forever! That'd be fine if I had dozens of units to control, but with 4 (and I imagine even with 10) there's not enough to keep me occupied.

It's really, really disappointing. In fact, if they had just done a fantasy port of Dawn of War, that would have been a lot better.

10-11-2006, 11:48:58

10-11-2006, 11:58:40
I'm going to wait for the reviews, and try and play the rest of the demo. The first couple of levels of most RTS campaigns are boring.

There are quite a lot of nice touches, the engine seems good. Possible it could be tweaked and/or modded and/or XPed into a very good game. But as it stands, HK is probably right about download only at the moment.

10-11-2006, 13:44:27
Review here, which is relatively positive, if fluffy.


But major thing to come out of that - No Skirmish Mode!!!!

What the fuck were they thinking!!

10-11-2006, 13:52:00
I can't read that page from here.

No skirmish as in multiplayer?

Maybe they took all the beta player advice and just dumped it because it sucked.

And I completely agree with your bland description.

Nothing stands out about the game. Plus, it is just not fun.

10-11-2006, 13:58:46
Skirmish is like Multiplayer but just on your machine vs the AI. Apparently you can set up online or LAN games and fill slots with AIs which might fulfil the same thing, but why not just have a "Skirmish" button like pretty much every other RTS ever.

10-11-2006, 14:41:38

Setting up LAN games and fill slots with AI to play skirmish mode?
That just brings the unintuitive interface to a whole new level of retardedness..

You'll love: attention to detail

Since when some of the things Funko mentioned like the same graphic for every weapon upgrade is attention to detail? :hmm:

10-11-2006, 14:45:19
On the plus side DoW Dark Crusade looks awesome, and hopefully I'll have that come christmas time.


10-11-2006, 19:00:06
Dark Crusade is ok. Its easier than the others for some reason, but I only played it as SMs and Necrons.

The campaign mode would be awesome if there was a random map, or even a map that was large.

As it is, replayability is only based on the fact that the races play differently. The battles, locations, opponents, etc are pretty much identical each time you play it.

10-11-2006, 19:01:23
Originally posted by Funko
Skirmish is like Multiplayer but just on your machine vs the AI. Apparently you can set up online or LAN games and fill slots with AIs which might fulfil the same thing, but why not just have a "Skirmish" button like pretty much every other RTS ever.

Ah. I knew that.

Did they add AI slot filling to multiplayer skirmish? You couldn't do that a few weeks ago.

13-11-2006, 09:21:58
Apparently yes, but demo is SP only - which is really shit for a game like this.