View Full Version : Reason #37 why i'm glad that I don't live in the UK

02-08-2006, 20:08:53
I heard Thom York's Black Swan for the first time yesterday. Good God does that song ever suck. It's like he took all the things I hated about Radiohead and ignored all the things I liked about Radiohead and put it into that one repetitive overlong song. I'm glad that I live in the US where I can pretty safely assume that I won't be subjected to it all the damn time like I assume UKers are.

*End Is Forever*
02-08-2006, 20:12:50
Nope Yorke and Radiohead have pretty much dropped off the map as far as I can tell, apart from the odd outbreak of verbal masturbation from critics in publications I don't read anyway.

02-08-2006, 20:15:26
I liked *some* of their stuff. Ditto for some of the other bands from that area.