View Full Version : Noctis

23-04-2002, 12:09:22
Anyone tried this? It's a bit like Elite without the game aspect, quite enjoyable.

23-04-2002, 13:02:49
The good thing about Elite was there was no story. Just do what you want, earn money and gain Elite status. No boring story line at all. All the new Elite clones soon to be reelased are all plot driven.... WHY!??

23-04-2002, 18:37:14
I've seen this, but not played it. Looks interesting, like an interstellar version of Orbiter. I like the concept, but could do with more stuff to see and interact with in space instead of just on the planet surfaces.

23-04-2002, 20:53:23
Well, seen about five "Felisian" (earth-like) planets and you've seen them all. With different colour schemes. Actually, space is quite fun, you get to give planets silly names.