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31-07-2006, 00:03:06
Living my last remaining moments of my degenerate and for that brilliant first week of vacation which has proccured me a shining new basket of opportunities, I come here to (apart avoiding sleep for some reason) ask the following burning question: Is honesty overrated? Is it even necessairy?
Psychopathic murderers don't need it, why should we?
Maybe the abovementioned example is a misleading one but the question remains.
Isn't it simply a matter of staying true at heart? Why should we burden the other with the weight of our own shortcomings if what we do and feel is honest.
Ignorance is bliss or should we try and expel the corruption from within us first?
It is all in the mind. How you think of it. One can feel guilty for things that aren't even remotely damning and others can breeze through life being complecent to the most eye watering and serious lies and escapades.
However should we continue protecting something that's good by ommitting things that aren't even worth mentioning. Or is it the burden that we feel for those well kept secrets judged such a heavy one that it will inevidably leed us to either spill them out or tormenting ourselves within with those.
Are we simply wankers?
In life nothing holds truer than the eons old proverb of the result will justify what preceeded it. Or it will damn it.

31-07-2006, 00:16:43
Or maybe that's the trap and it is exactly the antithesis of that proverb which constitutes the fountain of youth and creates the pure golden aura of buddhistic oblivion and inner happiness. Maybe being true in general is what counts and the end result is simply a matter of what follows. Maybe none of this counts and the only true barometer is the number of times you get laid. This inescapable, relativism defying act is the final scale of all things.

31-07-2006, 00:45:09
Dirty drinks can have a very dissolving effect on your self restraint. It's on this basis that I proceed in saying that sometimes I feel this invisible but all present (like the all seeing one eye of God - if you're christian orthodox you'd know it) presence of ethics that probably steems from my mother. It only takes a bad look from her to abandon whatever I'm doing. Am I inexorably trapped in a dungeon deep ethics prison that dictates my every move? Is this the source of all my troubles? Raised to justify wrongs? Or is it the abandonment of my father that has trapped me so long in this "good boy" dessolation? Be good or daddy will leave you again?
How much is psychiatry able to help?
I have every factory blueprint scheme available to me to be a rotten guy. I have the looks, I have the skills I even have the queevering desire. Why is the magnetism of ethics such a strong force on me?
Am I a control freak? Never really able to control the relationship of my father towards me that I have to control everything else? Or is it that dad represents all that's bad, mom represents all that's good so I side with the one that raised me?
I can feel living my life by chosing to belong in one of the two camps. Like the judaic bipolar scheme of the angel and the devil.
But what was judaism than a frail, pale and pathetic conservative force compared to the open, free and lust for life hellenic way of living that created such perpetual miracles that never fade.
If Torah is the prison, Aristofanes is the freedom and freedom is always right and always wins. Even Bush said it. Might as well act on it. There are many gods, there is no One.

31-07-2006, 15:12:31
Originally posted by paiktis22
Are we simply wankers?

Own goal.

31-07-2006, 15:33:48
No wonder Greeks invented philosophy and made of buming young ephebes a life art, with Retsina flowing like that

31-07-2006, 15:46:15
Imagine what the ancient Greek philosophers could have done with the internet.

31-07-2006, 15:48:40
ruined it for everyone, probably

31-07-2006, 15:53:13
Beauty is the bait which with delight allures man to log-on to hardcore teen vixens.com

31-07-2006, 15:55:24
Originally posted by Venom
Imagine what the ancient Greek philosophers could have done with the internet. Bored the hell out of us?

31-07-2006, 16:18:24
At least we could alt+tab to porn. Can't do that with one of those old fashioned book things.

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
31-07-2006, 20:35:03
That's probably why they covered their pottery with it instead.

01-08-2006, 07:44:29
now that I bothered reading (almost) all your initial posts, I have to ask:

- where did you copy that from?
- what did you smoke/drink?
- who did you cheat?
- did you tell her in the end or not?

01-08-2006, 23:35:46
_From my mind.

_I honestly don't remember!

_Noone but I wasn't totally honest

_I will I think

02-08-2006, 07:41:28
what does Billy Joel have to say about that?

02-08-2006, 08:04:29
We didn't start the fire?

Tau Ceti
02-08-2006, 09:00:18
I am an innocent man?
Honesty is such a lonely word?
Tell her about it?

02-08-2006, 09:10:14