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23-04-2002, 10:07:00
I see George is trying to create some hype for the new film.

23-04-2002, 12:03:59
Time (the magazine) had people see the movie and they also said it was good.

23-04-2002, 14:57:24
Well that's promising then... I'll wait for Funky's review.. Obviously I'll go see it anyway.

23-04-2002, 15:05:58
When's Funky going to go see it?

23-04-2002, 15:20:11
Weekend it comes out I think. Sometime after May 16th, possibly the day of the CG meeting come to think of it.

23-04-2002, 15:30:47
HA! I will try to beat him. I'm going to go for opening day or more likely, second day.

23-04-2002, 15:48:33
Shouldn't you have booked by now to get that!?

23-04-2002, 15:54:13
Venom - I phoned the Odeon "Star Wars" booking line on the day it opened, and they'd already sold out Leicester Square on the Opening night - that was 10 days ago. I'm booked in for the Friday Night, the 2nd night - which is the 17th May.

23-04-2002, 16:00:07
Ooooh. You'll probably see it a few hours before Venom.

23-04-2002, 16:02:40
Hope so!
I've read a review by someone who saw a preview screening 2 weeks ago. It does sound very very good. Unfortunately he included rather a lot of spoilers in the review so I ended up skimming it to avoid reading them, but this guy was very impressed - he described himself as a hard core Ep1 hater too, so hopefully his view will be quite sensible.
Saw some Lego Ep2 Star Wars models in the shops this weekend, which was impressive!

23-04-2002, 16:50:24
I will get opening day tickets then!

23-04-2002, 16:50:41
Like I said, I have seen a lot of…stuff for this and MiB2. Because of this…stuff, I am not at all anxious to see either.

23-04-2002, 17:47:50
I will definitely be seeing this, though probably not within the opening week. I'm very interested to see it, but am keeping my expectations very low, just for safety's sake.

One thought, if George is publicly saying that he is disappointed with Episode 1, wonder if we'll be seeing a "Special Edition" that makes any sort of major changes? Not much that can be done about bad acting, but as "The Phantom Edit" shows, a lot can be done with what's already there.

Something else that's interesting, there's been very little promotion for this compared with Episode 1. Aside from the trailers and the usual advance toy releases, I haven't seen any big tie ins with fast food franchises or the like as we saw with Phantom. Perhaps they're learning their lesson on marketing as well? A new hope, indeed...

23-04-2002, 18:35:57
You'll see the tie ins. The toys are out there lurking in the darkness ready to strike.

23-04-2002, 18:50:04
I'm sure, I fully expect the merchandising to be maxed out, but if they wait until the movie actually comes out, that'll be a big improvement over last time around. With Phantom Menace, I was already sick of seeing Jar Jar and Darth Maul three months before the film opened. This time I've actually had to go looking to find much about the movie. I haven't been mowed down by a huge, multi-million dollar pre-release hype machine. I'm pleasantly surprised by that.

23-04-2002, 19:05:34
I saw an Episode II bag of Lay's potato chips last night.

23-04-2002, 19:23:12
Gah!! The film is ruined! Ruined I tell you! I'm going to be sick! George Lucas has ruined my Star Wars! Again! Bleah!!!

23-04-2002, 19:29:25
So anyone want to go see the film as an activity for the 18th?

23-04-2002, 20:15:11
Not really, you can't drink or talk in the cinema.

23-04-2002, 20:44:34
I might come down and see it before the meeting starts.

23-04-2002, 23:51:16
Attack of the Merchandising Clones

24-04-2002, 06:41:23
Well, Georgie has also said he doesn't give a shit about the series anymore. Just give him the money.

All the preview and pre-release hype for Ep 1 was 'It's great! Its great! Its great! Its great!'. So the only reviews I'll be listening to are you guys. If you guys say 'It's decent.', I'll go to the cinema to see it.

24-04-2002, 08:25:22
Darkstar - thanks for the confidence in my ability to review a film for you, I shall do my best!
I agree, there has been a conspicuous lack of marketing hype for Ep2 - I do wonder if it's because of the over-hyped nature of Ep1. But then even if Ep1 had have been the best film ever, it still would have struggled to have lived up to the expectations and self-generated hype of 22 years of no Star Wars...

I'm very interetsed to see a copy of The Phantom Edit, but I've never managed to track one down on the Net, anyone here got/seen a copy ?

24-04-2002, 12:05:34
Originally posted by MikeH
Not really, you can't drink or talk in the cinema.

Who wants to talk with you bastards anyway?

24-04-2002, 12:24:39
They normally just want to listen to me.

24-04-2002, 12:26:40
I just want to listen to you die.

24-04-2002, 15:21:28
Venom - did you know that during the 16th and 17th century in English folk music they would, when the lyrics were about sex, use the word "Die" to mean "to cum"/"have sex with"?

So do you really want to hear MikeH having sex?

24-04-2002, 15:30:02
Of course he does.

24-04-2002, 15:33:06
It would definitely be something that's never been heard before.

24-04-2002, 15:43:47
Are you sure?

24-04-2002, 16:08:44
Are you?

24-04-2002, 16:09:50
I am.

25-04-2002, 11:28:47
You want Venom to hear you having sex?