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Lazarus and the Gimp
19-07-2006, 19:05:17
Can anyone come up with an equation that proves Coldplay is shit?

19-07-2006, 19:18:19
It's the 4th Law of Thermodynamics which states; music cannot be created by bands such as Coldplay, yet it can be destroyed.

Scabrous Birdseed
19-07-2006, 19:42:43

Music (m) is a form of sound which is a form of energy (E). In a closed system (say, a stereo system) there's a ratio m/c where m is music and c is crap.

m = Em

where Em is the energy of the music. Therefore

m/c = Em/c

The first law of thermodynamics states that energy can neither be created or destroyed. Therefore the energy of the band Eb is equal to or greater than the energy of the music Em.

With coldplay, Eb = 0, clearly. Therefore,

Em ≤ Eb

Em ≤ 0

Since music with negative energy doesn't exist,

Em = 0

Em/c = 0/c = 0

c = ∞

Lurker the Second
19-07-2006, 19:53:49
Wow, is all that true?

19-07-2006, 19:57:25
Yes, yes it is.

19-07-2006, 20:04:30
yeah, but that's for Non-cowbellian Music

Resource Consumer
20-07-2006, 11:26:09
Can't we deal with it from axiomatic fist principles

Coldplay is shit by defintion. All other measures are derived from this absolute zero of taste.