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19-07-2006, 14:06:50
i went a little excursion with a female friend of mine (friend - friend). she said she'd be brining a friend along. i said cool. she said check her out (since i'm out of relationship). i said well okey...

ok i checked her out, she has pretty green eyes (the most intense green i have ever seen) nice blond hair a very sweet face and a few kilos more than normal. i'd hit it but wihtout further complications. anyway i started flirting shamelessly with her throughout the journey. she responded and it got so much that it got to thepoint that my female friend got jealous (she has made clear she doesnt see me erotically - i'm too much of a kid for her - and the feeling is mutual she's too much of an old hag for me) but for some reason she got jealous. anyway that's not the point.

i flirted with her friend 'cause it would make the journey more interesting and she enjoyed it and i enjoyed it too. but that' about it. i didnt aske for her phone number (that should signify i dont want/expect more). but she found my work number abd she called me asking to go out and asking me not to say anything to our mutual friend. i think she knows i'm not looking for anything long lasting (not with her anyway) but i got the feeling she's ok with that and just wants a bit of sweetpaiktis.

i havent called her back (let them do the chase :p) but i have to make it clear to her that i'm not looking for anything more than some nights. i think she realizes that but how do i make it clear without hurting her (if by a minority chance, she does want more)

oh oh. and i asked my female friend why her female friend is out of relationship this time and she said she was with a guy that was too relaxed for her but she wanted more. that goes against my gut instinct of what she wants according to how she talked about it.
i'm handsome dammit but i dont want to do something that could hurt her.

but the fact that she asked me not to tell her friend that she called me and asked me out creates a sense of conspiracy and it's very turrrn on.
gdam. i'll take her to the beach and see what happens.

19-07-2006, 14:10:24

19-07-2006, 14:11:41
and it just happened so my mind works overtime to formulate a nice plan

Nills Lagerbaak
19-07-2006, 14:13:09
"i'd hit it but wihtout further complications" think you have your answer... Just tell her that and the rest shall happen....

19-07-2006, 14:13:42
i'll do that

19-07-2006, 14:13:48
ah, the pleasures of a simple life! But why so many words to state you're not gay? Questions, questions ...

19-07-2006, 14:18:29
werdz iz gud

19-07-2006, 14:21:27
2 many werdz suk ass

19-07-2006, 14:23:26
werdz is weirdz

19-07-2006, 14:23:54
lol nub

19-07-2006, 14:46:30
Originally posted by paiktis22
a few kilos more than normal.


19-07-2006, 14:51:49
that's the basic problem :lol:
OTOH god will punish me

19-07-2006, 14:52:45
not for a few years at least, plenty of time to find a way out of it

19-07-2006, 16:09:01
Originally posted by paiktis22
i'm handsome dammit but i dont want to do something that could hurt her.
:lol: :clueless: :confused:

19-07-2006, 16:11:40
does sound pathetic doens't it

19-07-2006, 20:18:02
only because it IS pathetic

19-07-2006, 20:22:37
Vincent Knows

19-07-2006, 20:24:32

19-07-2006, 20:26:54
i don't know


19-07-2006, 20:27:23
Yeah, that's my job here. To teach you dignity and humility with my whip

19-07-2006, 20:28:33
you call that a whip!

19-07-2006, 20:29:45
It's not the calling, it's the whipping!

19-07-2006, 20:33:38
aaaa whip me more master vincent

anyway no harm in going out and just tralala

19-07-2006, 20:34:55
That's what you say. What if you're wrong?

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
19-07-2006, 23:17:56
Wow, Greek Darkstar for "Met a nice girl, what now?"

20-07-2006, 11:20:52
Originally posted by paiktis22
does sound pathetic doens't it It's not so much pathetic as very strange. What does being handsome have to do with the urge to hurt someone?

20-07-2006, 11:48:17
Because being this narcissus he will inevitably tire of her extra kilos and move on, thus breaking her heart

20-07-2006, 11:51:13
Ach so. Damn his good looks!!