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07-07-2006, 10:30:52
Lest we forget...

...how Popbitch covered the events of 7th July 2005:

so who's up for nomination this week again? car_snow_gin, 9:27 7/7, Reply

i'm in birmingham but my office has been put on the highest security alert. asthmasufferer, 9:58 7/7, You've drawn the curtains? boyl, 9:59 7/7, Reply

Anyone want to buy a one-day travelcard? vidkun_quisling, 10:09 7/7, Reply

What News would you bury today if you worked for a Minister? zonky, 11:46 7/7, Reply

If we stop discussing BB6 they will have won. open_attachment, 11:50 7/7, Reply Will they tell the housemates? zonky, 11:51 7/7, Reply Their task this week is now to leave the house, get on all fours and sniff around every parked car in NW1 and EC2. ivor_the_injun, 11:53 7/7, Reply

They've just cordoned off Fenchurch st Looks like M&S is being searched... pop_will_bitch_itself, 11:52 7/7, Reply appa the sweet and sour chicken has got ricin secrethen, 11:53 7/7, Reply

Clarke-y boy on his feet in the house now ivor_the_injun, 11:54 7/7, Reply Yep, Symonds is out. jacques_as_in_hattie, 12:00 7/7, Reply

GET OUTTA LONDON QUICK We're getting the shit outta town right now - I advise all you to forget what ya gotta do and do the same - get to a safe place NOW> belinda, 12:13 7/7, Reply YES YES YES AND BUY UP THE ENTIRE CONTENTS OF THE SUPERMARKETS TOO! QUICK! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? gravelly_hills_cop, 12:20 7/7, Reply

I'm in Farringdon. I desperately want to go to the pub for a drink, but they won't let us which is making us even more fucking restless. edmor, 12:14 7/7, Reply

Good News: George W Bush is on his way to London. Bad News: He's on his bike. jacques_as_in_hattie, 12:25 7/7, Reply

are the gays all safe? armstrong, 12:24 7/7, Reply

Ken looks shattered Bless. ivor_the_injun, 12:36 7/7, Reply fucking hungover isn't he pinkleopard, 12:41 7/7, Reply

it never rains fk all the bollox in londinium, we've just signed fucking bellamy. now that's really pissed on my day.. raver, 12:43 7/7, Reply
martinqblank Fri 7 Jul 10:59, Reply


07-07-2006, 10:34:54
That's the real bulldog spirit

07-07-2006, 13:08:44
Saw some of the coverage on the news, people placing flowers, and the Queen calling for a few minutes of silence.

07-07-2006, 13:52:53
"it never rains fk all the bollox in londinium, we've just signed fucking bellamy. now that's really pissed on my day"