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lazy dog....... so CG

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One of my favorite dogs, I think.


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Any chance that the US could pick up the Newfies and Labs if the Quebecers get uppity?

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You met a chick?


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No. Newfs hate us mainlanders, but they hate Americans even more.

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Also, you should note that:

a) The rest of Canada makes jokes about Newfies being stupid
b) Newfoundland&Labrador has a 16% unemployment rate and is hemorrhaging population

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I was just reading in the Wiki. Had an old globe as a kid growing up that showed Labrador as a seperate country. Still don't really understand it all. In the Wiki, it says that in the 40s, that they made a lot of money off of Yanks building bases there and there was more US activity than Canuckian. Maybe when Quebec splits from Canada, the Labradorians will need some protection.

Why do they have so much unemployment? Lazy Eskimos? Maybe we could find some oil there or something...

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No chick, currently.

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The northeastern coast of Canada was transferred from Lower Canada (Quebec) to Newfoundland (at this time a separate colony in the British Empire) in 1809, but the boundary was ill-defined. At this time the major interest was for Newfoundland fishermen who set up temporary camps on the shore. The interior was ill-explored and was populated almost entirely by Innu peoples. As time went on European interest in the region grew slowly. In 1927, Canada (which did not include Newfoundland until 1949) and Newfoundland went to the courts to settle the exact boundary. The commission found basically for the Newfoundlanders, setting the boundary along the coastal watershed, a very significant chunk of territory. Canada had claimed that the boundary should be basically limited to directly along the coast. Newfoundland joined Confederation in 1949, so any dispute over the boundary became an internal matter. Quebec quite often refuses to recognise Labrador as part of Newfoundland on official publications, and has used its geographic location between the US and Labrador to its advantage in negotiations surrounding the transmission of Labradorian hydro power to the US, forcing Newfoundland&Labrador to accept prices well below market rates and reselling the electricity at a significant profit.

The reason Newfoundland&Labrador have so much unemployment is that they're stupid people who fished all the fish out of the ocean. Cod: look it up. And we already found oil there. Hibernia: look it up.

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TCO- read "Theatre of Fish" by John Gimlette. It's the best guide/history to Labrador and Newfoundland, and it makes pretty grim reading.

Without cod, Labrador is pretty much screwed. The state of the Innut native population there is just downright tragic- if they aren't drinking themselves to death, they're just plain committing suicide.

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Thanks Trapist.