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29-06-2006, 11:59:07
i was at the metro. some crazy spaniards who were completely lost asked me for directions. so i helped. then some lost americans saw i knew things so they asked me for directions too. so i gave them

and then....

the most amazing creature approached me asking for directions too. in that case of course i said come with me i'll show you. turns out she was a model from croatia (around 19 yers old maximu, my height but completely etherial thin didnt show and an amazing face) coming to athens to have a career in modeling visitng modeling companies. we started chatting and blah blah. i also warned her to be careful since many modeling agencies are nothing of that sort in reality.... she was high nosed a bit but that was completly pardonable since she was really beautiful . she laughed at my jokes and i had like 1.00000000000000% confidence with her. and then we parted without me leaving a phone number... because i have no damn business card!!!!!!

and no pen and no shit. i couldnt give it to her and wait for 5 minutes. i would have screwed it. whereas with a business card i could say, here is me call me if you need a helping HAAAAAnd in athens... gdaaaaaaaaaaaaaam

29-06-2006, 12:00:09

29-06-2006, 12:01:06
and because of that she'll be on AG angels before the week is out and fucked six ways til sundown by some fat old man

29-06-2006, 12:02:58
:cry: :shoot:

29-06-2006, 13:08:36
Yeah, the photographers are going to be banging the shit out of her.

29-06-2006, 13:16:46
that's cruel (but probable)

29-06-2006, 14:23:20
that makes me sad


29-06-2006, 15:17:48
print business cards then!

29-06-2006, 21:55:26
I want business cards

30-06-2006, 08:20:33
I've never been important enough to have business cards :beer:

30-06-2006, 09:49:33
I've got business cards so it's certainly not a measure of ones importance!

I got them from:


Really good service and they were delivered with 2 working days!

30-06-2006, 11:07:31
why on earth didn't you get her number and type it direct into your phone silly!, am now sad for your missed opportunity :(

30-06-2006, 11:12:05
If she was interested she'd have asked him for his number (or left him her card :))

30-06-2006, 11:15:01
BTW my business cards never get used. The ones I carry accumulate filth until it would be embarassing to give out. Then the number changes so they are out of date.

What you want to get are those comedy ones full of obvious bs. You know "Virgins Ravished", "Dragons Slayed", "Worlds Saved" etc.

30-06-2006, 11:17:02
Yeah, girls really think that kind of thing is cool and will be falling at your feet.


30-06-2006, 11:45:22
I have two different types of business card, and rarely use either (work and council before anyone comes up with a wisecrack... ;) )

30-06-2006, 12:06:50
Wait, paiktis...can you hear that? She's getting double teamed right now!

Provost Harrison
30-06-2006, 12:09:42
Are they printed yet?

30-06-2006, 12:31:50
Originally posted by Ginfizwithatwist
why on earth didn't you get her number and type it direct into your phone silly!, am now sad for your missed opportunity :(

don't flatter him, we've only heard his side of the story

her thoughts were probably 'great i just wanted directions, now this sleazy guy actually thinks he has a chance with me, ah well, i guess i'll never have to talk to people like him when i'm famous'

30-06-2006, 12:34:03
If you're that hot, you're probably good at flirtaciously being polite but really thinking exactly what KG said.

30-06-2006, 12:48:04
And if you really both thought that I'm sure one of you would have had the presense of mind to give the other your number.

At least this way you can think you had a chance with her Paiktis, whereas if she had one of your cards, and didnt call you back, you would be stuck knowing that she prefers to be tag-teamed by sleazy photographers than to go out with you.... ;)

30-06-2006, 12:58:27
No pen.


30-06-2006, 13:14:07
You are all missing the point! Because you don't know the FACTS!
Which are:
To have asked for her phone number or taking the time to give mine to her would have seemed too ackward after just 2 metro stations ride together. That's less than 1 minutes of time being together and talking. You can't «build» anything in such a short period and if you tried to it would seem desperate. (Who does he think he is taking out his mobile phone and dictating me his number?) That's why a business card comes in handy. It's light, fast, unpresumptious and under the circumstances the closest you can get to try and do something. The alternative would be to fake where I was going and keep going her direction. And that would have seemed sleazy.(or more importantly I didn't really had the luxury of time) That way I was just a breeth of fresh air, a friendly face in a big scary city full of strangers. If I had given her my card she would or wouldn't call me (it wouldn't have bumped me either way) but I would know that I had played my cards right and what comes comes.
To act as the devil's advocate she didn't really seemed that inoccent about her profession...

30-06-2006, 13:18:40
The card has advantages, like watching her rip it up and laugh at you when you try and present it.

30-06-2006, 13:22:02
She wouldn't. Top thing she'd do was not call me.
And actually I didn't come on to her. The most I did was that when she told me she's a model I replied I can see that. Well of course :D

30-06-2006, 13:25:40
What fun is that?

It makes a better story to be massivily rejected.

30-06-2006, 13:28:44

30-06-2006, 13:30:38
I have a bunch of those from the old days, many are incredibly embarissing, but also really funny.

30-06-2006, 13:37:37
Wow, you're dumb, you talked to her for a whole minute and you wanted to build something? That's what a fucking phone call and date do.

You blew it. Speaking of blowing it, she's blowing it now too.

30-06-2006, 13:39:36
She's probably onto blowing donkeys for crack by now.

30-06-2006, 13:43:46
If only he had the crack pipe, his ass could have been blown.

30-06-2006, 16:47:12
Originally posted by Venom
Wow, you're dumb, you talked to her for a whole minute and you wanted to build something? That's what a fucking phone call and date do.

You blew it. Speaking of blowing it, she's blowing it now too.

That's what I said. You can't built anything in a minute.

30-06-2006, 16:58:02
And then I said you were stupid because you should have fucking gotten her number.

I'm getting deja vu.

01-07-2006, 12:27:22
There can't be that many models in Croatia, and they have their portfolios on the web, maybe you can find her there.

01-07-2006, 17:36:47
Alright pink shirted bastard when you see her you get her number :p :D

Although I have to say I couldn't leave without physical contact (she really radiated a very sexual aura - and I saw more than one eye pair staring at her and me) so you know I caressed her hand and she mine in a parting gesture when I said good luck. Makes me think girls like that should be really really used to have the male population flock around them like shit flies. Me not asking her number might had made me stand out of the masses, assuming I could see her again and capitalize on that which it's highly improbable.
Although I have heard this before... There are girls who want me to ask for their number but I don't because I don't have the guts. Later I might find out that they wanted me to. (on the happy occasions). There are the rare occasions where a girl might give me her number herself. That makes it easier. What KG said could very well be true. But you can approach a girl with the correct manner and not seem sleazy. Firm is charming. Sleazy is well sleazy. Girls always reward boldness unless you're quasimodo.

01-07-2006, 17:46:58
Sleasy is bitchin.

01-07-2006, 18:55:01
Well kudos to you paiktis for bragging with a failure, I mean we could all probably write a book or start a subforum about "near misses" :D

Let us know when you score, OK. Sheep don't count :D ;)

01-07-2006, 19:01:02
I don't brag about successes balkan boy :D. I problematize about failures.

Gramercy Riffs
01-07-2006, 19:36:43
Fuck her at the time