View Full Version : bad news for the whore in amsterdam!!!

21-06-2006, 13:46:13
1 out of 5 whorehouses in amsterdam will be closed by the end of this month. The authorities suspect that the owners are a bit criminal.

Leo Beanfucker
21-06-2006, 13:48:28
What about the other 4?

21-06-2006, 13:49:54
their profits will rise

Leo Beanfucker
21-06-2006, 13:57:35
an industry that's on the up?

21-06-2006, 14:07:16
Originally posted by King_Ghidra
their profits will rise two dicks at the same taaim man!!!!!

Leo Beanfucker
21-06-2006, 14:08:14
another way t o keep costs down -

install a turnstile and become pay as you enter

21-06-2006, 14:10:24
I wish to invest in the other 4.

Leo Beanfucker
21-06-2006, 14:25:05
you could make a personal donation?