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16-06-2006, 08:27:20
I know I have asked this before, but I don't recall how it was fixed last time. Would appreciate any views.

Was off work await a delivery yesterday (typically they couldn't give a time and it turned out to be 3:45 so bang goes a day's leave). So on occasion I tried to pop into Counterglow. Early on all was well, but then I got a time out response.

It is still not connecting here although obviously access from work isn't a problem.

Both IE and Firefox has the same problem. I don't have problems to other sites, counterglow.com and counterglow.co.uk are affected. A reboot didn't seem to clear anything.

Was looking for something weird in the Kerio firewall screens but not come across anything obvious, although I'm unsure where I would look anyway.

PANIC !!!!!

18-06-2006, 23:21:29
Dash it ! It's let me back again, but for how long ?

20-06-2006, 22:52:52
It's funny because everybody refuses to help because they prefer it when you're not here. Times New roman sucks.

21-06-2006, 07:10:26
We love you Gary! But we'd love you more with summaries of your links.