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15-06-2006, 20:25:26
My dear Friend,

My name is Olga. I write from small Russian town and I am a student. I study in Faculty of elementary education, in our local Pedagogical University. I shall be work as teacher in the elementary school when I finish studies.

My hobbies are to read, listen music and sports. I love cats and dogs and we have one cat and one dog in our family. Their names are Pushok and Alfa. When I have a free time, I make beautiful paintings with the views of our beautiful nature.

Situation is difficult in our country and in our family. Our father do not live with us and my mother recently lost work due to her age. I work hard when I have time from studies, but my salary is very small.

It remains me little bit more than 2 years until I finish the studies and then I be able to work the full working day. But now I have no such possibilty.

I must pay for my studies in the University very soon, but since my mother lost job we have no such possibility anymore.

I am afraid very much to lose my education because it is only hope for good life in the future. Therefore I write you this sincere letter with hope that you can help me. I shall be very grateful to you for any help from you, and I promise, that I shall return it back to you when it will be possible.

I would be happy to send you beautiful painting which I have made myself in gratitude for your help.

I hope to hear from you very soon and I sending you best wishes from our country.


15-06-2006, 20:52:54
She's using a different name too! How clever!

16-06-2006, 00:54:03
She can't hide her true identity. I know it is her.

Lurker the Second
16-06-2006, 04:20:39

16-06-2006, 04:42:14
Blame Venom, the bonehead never followed up!

16-06-2006, 08:17:41
blame the non dutchgirl

16-06-2006, 09:33:45
LoD is close enough to go visit her!

16-06-2006, 09:44:15
He is probaly writing the letters.

16-06-2006, 10:15:10

16-06-2006, 12:18:55
I warned you people I was too lazy to continue on.

16-06-2006, 12:19:27
do you have to warn people about laziness?

16-06-2006, 12:27:50
i never warn them. they usually find out in the course of time.

16-06-2006, 12:30:05
I'd warn them if I could be bothered.

Lurker the Second
16-06-2006, 12:43:58
The bitch abandoned that poor guy as soon as slipped back into his coma.

16-06-2006, 13:11:16
Originally posted by King_Ghidra
do you have to warn people about laziness?

Apparently you people don't know me well enough by now.

16-06-2006, 23:34:23
I knew, but was too lazy to point it out.