View Full Version : The Ranconteurs. Broken Boy Soldiers

13-06-2006, 15:53:49
I was completely taken by the single "steady as she goes" (music, lyrics, everything) so when I saw that the CD was at only 14 euros I snatched it in a second.
But I didn't feel like the rest of the songs were worth it. Still just for that one song, I don't regret buying it.

13-06-2006, 16:06:44
o...thanks for the review. i thought that single was a little catchy (and the video is alright but nothing spectacular).

22-06-2006, 12:45:57
Some other songs are also very good although they comform to existing rock musical norms so much their familiarity tends to classify them in the easy listening category.

23-06-2006, 04:08:05
so relatively catchy but nothing spectacular...
i.e. NOT TOOL ;)