View Full Version : new short story contest?

self biased
07-06-2006, 17:14:13
what say ye?

07-06-2006, 19:09:54
I've been thinking about bringing back the short story contests for a long time, myself. I've been tinkering with an entry for the "My eyes! My eyes!", and was going to finish that, post it, and post the "One liner" starters comment threads to see if anyone wanted to do another one.

Start the SS contest, and others might play.

08-06-2006, 02:21:04
I would be into it. But yeah, it seems that the method is to just post a short story, and than others might respond.. (I think SP did the last one).


self biased
08-06-2006, 14:27:30
yeah, but i've done that before, and nobody responded. an unifying theme would be best, and give everyone a basis for comparison.

08-06-2006, 21:30:01
You can do theme or starting line. Pick and go.

Or, you could go to an amatuer writers web site, and go play there.

self biased
09-06-2006, 04:22:42
it's more fun here. i remember all the great feedback i got for the few stories that i entered here...

09-06-2006, 18:05:58
Well then, all you can do is repeatily try. And don't expect much from any try.

15-06-2006, 06:12:23
So...what have you all decided?

Scabrous Birdseed
20-06-2006, 17:49:58
I've got a good opening line if anyone is interested.

21-06-2006, 06:57:00
Oye, I'm still supposed to write this short story based on a dream I had that I just can't get around to doing. I'm for restarting this, if just to aid my procrastination.

self biased
21-06-2006, 14:37:56
fire away, scabby.