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06-06-2006, 22:33:52
Hey! I did my part! I just got back from voting.

The turnout was very heavy at my voting place today. In fact, more people had voted today at the station then voted in the 2004 presidential election. Very surprising.

No one was sure how to take that, since this is just a primary. It could be that all the Republicans have come out, trying to get "their guy" made the candidate for the Repubicans Governor candidate. Or it could be all the Democrats have come out, to get "their guy" the Democrat candidate for Governor.

Or, it could be that Alabama's state politicians, after being reminded that Alabama is one of the few states that hasn't outlawed gay marriage explicitly in 2004, decided to fix that problem by trying to make all gay marriages illegal and never to be recognized within state bounds regardless of where it may have been performed.

Since I don't see why my uncle Ricky shouldn't be allowed to get married, I voted to leave our laws on that matter to remain unchanged. I doubt I'm the majority voter on the issue though, since all polls ever taken have said that somewhere between 82 to 95% of all AMERICANS think its an abomidation and should never be allowed at all and that gays should just be happy they aren't getting the shit kicked out of them constantly for going against Nature/God's Plan/Odin's Will and being gay. :(

I honestly don't see how it matters to most Americans. Are they afraid that the government is going to tax married couples more because gays are married? I just don't see what the big deal is.

07-06-2006, 19:42:23
This is just sad. The bigger crook got elected in every state level office. Yes, this means that no one I actually voted for won their seat. ;)

Oh yeah. Why the heavy turnout? It was so many people coming out , and I am quoting here, "voting down them gays getting the vote! I mean, getting the marriage. They can just keep living in sin!". Err. WHAT? :confused:

08-06-2006, 09:19:34
Is this a japanese thread?

Dyl Ulenspiegel
08-06-2006, 11:43:19
Looks quite greek to me.

08-06-2006, 22:43:04
Ah. Did the Paiktis virus get me?

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Greg W
30-08-2006, 12:04:53
Aw. mr_G misses Dorkstar.

30-08-2006, 12:05:48
jesjes :cry:
I was happy when HelloKitty made a darkstarian post this week.

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Is this a japanese thread?