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04-06-2006, 19:43:01
I have an itchy ear, I really have no idea why though. Maybe it has something to so with me being grubby, or maybe it's my hat. Or maybe it's the SPACE ALIENS FROM SPACE SENDING TRANSMISSIONS TO MY BRAIN THROUGH MY LEFT EAR. Or maybe not.

Why do people get so paranoid? Nobody talks about them, if there were aliens they wouldn't care for the likes of them. Stupid really, most paranoia is drug induced but I don't believe that, I just think they say that because they don't want our generation to do that shit, you know what I mean? It's as if they are conspiring against the youth of now and they wont die because they're really ALIENS FROM OUT OF SPACE, but that's not true because they don't care do they, so really they're just old people who haven't experienced anything for themselves. How do we really know what all these old people are telling us is truth? Are we that gullible that we believe everything they say as truth from birth yes, yes we are.

I didn't actually type any of that, it was my body being taken over through my left ear from ALIENS with their bloody radio transmissions. Shit me, who uses radio nowadays, it's all gone digital, including the TV. That smelly little robot digit-al, doesn't he annoy you? He actually lives inside your television and he rapes you at night, or day, whenever you pass out.

I hate life, I wish I lived somewhere else, like for example, the skatepark. It's a safe haven for all things, including nukes. Why would all these eastern European countries want to bomb the skatepark? Oh shit, maybe they will because they are actually controlled by ALIENS who are all out to get me. I'm screwed. Pass the joint.

04-06-2006, 19:44:11
Just Say No!

04-06-2006, 21:16:54
People who are paranoid secrete a chemical that draws aliens and government agents to them. FACT!

04-06-2006, 22:22:30
Why would aliens or govt agents want to control stoners?

Controlling voters, the wealthy and powerful, that I could understand.

People who enjoy the "evil" weed are surely free from their attentions.

So; the rest of you; be afraid. Be very afraid.

05-06-2006, 06:31:07
What rest of us?

You don't see how subtle their plan is!