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02-06-2006, 21:41:36
Just to celebrate getting the job I got myself one of these


Sooo much better than my old Fuji S7000

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
03-06-2006, 03:13:09
Pity post

03-06-2006, 05:20:48
No pity post

03-06-2006, 11:44:30

03-06-2006, 14:35:42
I'm googling at german forums for info on my upcoming new toy. :o


03-06-2006, 14:46:12
Even more boring than this place

03-06-2006, 15:04:07
My current dream camera: http://www.nikondigital.com/main.html?page=d2xs

Of course I won't pay $4600 for a camera especially since the resolution is still 25% less then a 35mm roll of film. It does show that the best digital SLRs are quickly catching up to the best 35mm SLRs. If things keep up this way then I suspect we will see the introduction of 16-17 megapixel SLRs in the next two years with them becoming mass market in 4 years or so. That is the point when the digital camera will officially be better then the 35mm and that's when I willo trade up.

03-06-2006, 15:58:34
yeah that is a nice one - but too massive for me!

I'm happy enough with 6million pixels - its more than enough for A4 sized enlargments and with a bit of work you can go a bit bigger than that. I thought about the canon 350D for the extra resolution but it would have ended up costing almost twice what I paid and the controls are more intuitive on the pentax

03-06-2006, 16:27:29
The main reason why I personally will end up sticking with Nikon is because I already own their lenses and it's to late to switch now.

03-06-2006, 16:28:30
It's never too late to switch

03-06-2006, 17:20:29
OK, it would be to expensive to switch.

03-06-2006, 17:38:54
But would it be better for your karma? Yes°!

I hit the ° key accidently, but yes° looks nice somehow. Even more positive.

03-06-2006, 17:40:40
I don't have one of those keys. :(

03-06-2006, 18:33:38
It's Shift-^

05-06-2006, 21:51:57
Shift-^ on my keyboard is ^.

05-06-2006, 22:14:47
^ mine too

but playing around I found this one ₧ Alt-158 WTF is that?

05-06-2006, 22:22:03
What? It looks like:

on my current keymapping. I'd guess its something the font creater tossed in for his own fun. Like those heart and smiley faces you often find in font sets.

06-06-2006, 07:45:22
alt-158 ×
alt-0158 ˛

anyway, ₧ could be useful as shorthand for Points in many tables I post, thanx!!!
Although, it's more likely to mean Pesetas :)

06-06-2006, 07:46:16
Originally posted by Vincent
But would it be better for your karma? Yes°!

I hit the ° key accidently, but yes° looks nice somehow. Even more positive.

well, it's nice°, but we had better.Fir

Scabrous Birdseed
06-06-2006, 07:52:09
This one ¤ I've always wondered about. It's just shift-4 on the swedish keyboard.

06-06-2006, 08:07:55
cool, Sh-4 is $ here, hehe

¤ is alt-0164 by me, and Character Map names it "Currency Sign"
I saw it used by MS Word as table formatting marker

Scabrous Birdseed
06-06-2006, 08:15:26
According to wikipedia it's a generic currency sign, used when you don't have access to the correct one. What it's doing on the swedish keyboard I have no idea.